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Allison Kessler, owner and “Boss Bot” of Fun4business, welcomes you and lets you know who we are, who we help and what we can do for you. 

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But seriously—redesigning your website doesn’t need to be a Big Job That Nobody Wants To Do. Sooner or later your website is going to start sucking and breaking and you’ll need to find a professional web design team who can pick up your website and breath new life into it.

But wait—Did you know your website gets sad when you neglect it for months or years? At Fun4business we have all sorts of website packages and solutions available to suit your needs. 

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“I love working with small business owners on their websites. It’s kind of like being in demolition and construction. Rip it all down, salvage what you can, and reassemble it SO MUCH BETTER. Let’s do this!”

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Allison Kessler

Spice up your Photos with Geometric Photo Masks

Tired of putting up your photos naked in square, rectangle or circle shapes? It’s time to spice up your photos display and design using pre-made geometric photo masks by Creative Market. See what I’m talking about with my beautiful examples!

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Shopping for tires online locally in Calgary
Allison Kessler

The Local Business Model

How does the Local Business Model work for online marketing? It requires changing perspective and starting your customer’s journey from HOW they initially find you: Through Internet Searches and Maps.

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Merry Christmas 2023 Note From the Founder
Allison Kessler

Merry Christmas 2023 Note from the Founder

We survived 2023, can you believe it?! Here’s a note from our founder Allison Kessler, recapping 2023, including a big personal challenge, as well as reviewing the biggest tech development regarding using AI and ChatGPT for websites, online marketing and business!

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Case study of the Welshboy Contracting website redesign project
Allison Kessler

Website Design for Welshboy Contracting

Eddy at Welshboy Contracting came to us for a website redesign, and his most important objective was to have have a better place to show off his beautiful project photos. Read more about this project here.

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Starting a blog? Prewrite 6 articles first | Fun4business blog post
Allison Kessler

Starting a blog? Prewrite 6 posts first.

Are you a business owner who wants to start a blog on your business website? If you are serious about wanting to add a blog to your business website, I strongly suggest prewriting at least 6 blog post articles BEFORE you launch your blog. Here’s why.

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