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Allison Kessler, owner of Fun4business, introduces Fun4business Website (re)Design.

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Fun4business is a fun and friendly Calgary web design shop specializing in WordPress websites. Our mission is to help small business owners transform websites they are embarrassed about into impressive modern designs they are proud to show off. Our focus is on developing sound website strategies based on creating quality content that is optimized for the search engines AND written to sell. 

Finding a web designer you can trust is hard. We love working closely with small business owners on their WordPress websites and have clients we’ve been working with for many years. 

Whether you need Done-For-You or Done-With-You website help, we strive to be your own personal WP expert in your back pocket and an important part of your business’s collaborative team. 

WordPress Website Services

Fun Bots to the Rescue! 

But seriouslyredesigning your website doesn’t need to be a Big Job That Nobody Wants To Do. Sooner or later your website is going to start sucking and breaking and you’ll need to find a professional web design team who can pick up your website and breath new life into it.

WordPress Website Care Plans

Is it called website maintenance or website updates? Even the professionals within the web design industry can’t agree on terms. Since we’re ‘Old School’ web designers here at the fun factory, we categorize your content changes and updates as Website Maintenance and those pesky WordPress plugin updates as WP Updates. Honestly, you will probably need to sign up for both types of services… if you’re serious about your business website. 

Putting the 'fun' back into Website Design

Think Bigger with your website

Tired of a crappy website that doesn't work?

Embarrassed that you haven't updated your website in forever?

Lost your web designer's number?

These are all clues that it’s time to do something about your Website.

Website Maintenance Services, Packages and Plans
Fun4business Core Value #1

Making it fun!

When working on your website is fun: 

When how we work is how you want to work — BOOM! This is a sign we should work together on your website! 

Our Clients

Aiming for long-term, rewarding partnerships

Ooooooo... shiny. new. websites.

In fact, the Fun4business site just got an overhaul!

Meet Allison Kessler

Boss Bot at Fun4business!

“I love working with small business owners on their websites. It’s kind of like being in demolition and construction. Rip it all down, salvage what you can, and reassemble it SO MUCH BETTER. Let’s do this!”

Photo of Allison Kessler, Founder of Fun4business website redesign

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