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Whether you are just getting started with your digital marketing venture, or are already established with an online business and need an extra hand for certain tasks or want to take your efforts to the next level, consider Fun4business for all of your website development and online marketing needs.

Fun4business is a Calgary creative company specializing in website design and maintenance, WordPress consulting, development and training, as well as online marketing solutions, including: blogging for business, email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and paid advertising campaigns.

Our focus is to assist you with establishing, maintaining and growing your business online, working with you as your trusted online partner and consultant who provides assistance on the components you need help with, when you need that help.

Our main array of digital marketing services includes:

Website Design Services

Fun4business - website design servicesLooking for a web designer? Whether this is your first website, part of a website redesign project, or you are desiring the advanced capabilities of a database-driven website powered by WordPress, we can help. Perhaps you need some custom-designed landing pages for specific online and social media campaigns. Or maybe you are not quite sure of your requirements and are in the middle of your research phase and are open to receiving information and consulting recommendations.

Whatever your specific website development needs, click on the button below to see how Fun4business can help you get your web design project planned, scheduled and completed — while meeting and exceeding your expectations as a valued service provider.


Website Maintenance Services

Fun4business - website maintenance servicesAre you looking for assistance in updating your website or other online marketing materials?

Fun4business provides on-demand website maintenance, as well as regularly monthly updates as part of your online business plan. It makes sense to outsource your updates to a professional when you want your updates completed quickly and cost-effectively. Additionally, the designers at Fun4business strive to make recommendations for efficiencies, provide helpful ideas and suggestions for improvements when appropriate, and work together with you as part of your team to get things done according to your specifications.

Find out more about website maintenance services here:


Online Marketing Services

Fun4business - online marketing servicesYour online business operations are composed of so much more than just your website.

Back in the day (early 2000s), it was sufficient to create a “brochure” website and just make sure you updated the information at least yearly. Fast forward to today, and online businesses have infinite choices and opportunities about how to market, advertise and sell their wares to their target audience, at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels. In fact, the Internet brilliantly opens up “long-tail” niche markets and enables everyone to compete on a relatively even playing field.

Online marketing consists of utilizing free, paid-for and partner channels, including setting up a blog, building an email distribution list, sharing your content on social media networks, integrating affiliate income placements, and paying for advertising on search engines, social networks, etc.

Delving into online marketing can be a little overwhelming or intimidating to someone who is just getting started. Why not sign up for a quick consultation to get a feel for your options, and then invest in the creation of an Online Marketing Plan to ensure all of your initiatives fit into your business’ overall vision and objectives.

If you already have an online marketing strategy in place and are looking for a company to take on some of the tasks, we can do that too!

Learn more about Fun4business’ online marketing services by clicking on the button below.


Additional Fun4business services include:

Our portfolio of creative work is located here. Also, be sure to check out our awe-inspiring, super stellar blog!

Why outsource?

Like any business initiative, you need to consider the benefits of outsourcing versus doing the work yourself. Specifically for online projects, the benefits of outsourcing the work includes:

  • It’s faster to get things done.
    There is a learning curve to technical tasks. It depends on whether it is a task you need to know how to do yourself and how often you intend to engage in such a task. For example, designing your website is likely a one-time activity that you only do every 2-5 years. This would be a good candidate to outsource. On the other hand, if you plan to publish a weekly blog article, it may be well worth your time to learn how to post them yourself so that you have more control over this important and timely task. For example, it can be more efficient entering the draft articles directly into your website content management system like WordPress, than write them elsewhere and transfer them over.
  • Cuts down on frustration.
    At some point you’ll run into a challenge that can stall the project and add hours to your work time – if you are able to figure it out at all. You need to weigh the costs of spending your valuable time navigating technical issues, or just spending the money to get it done right by an experienced technical consultant.
  • Access to advanced technical skills.
  • Collaboration :: working as a team creates better ideas.
    It is beneficial to bounce your ideas off a creative specialist because he or she can point you in the right direction and offer suggestions or efficiencies for things you would never have thought about.
  • A better eye for professional creative design.
    Sometimes something you think looks okay breaks some design rules or just doesn’t look professional. For example, we’ve been called in for a second opinion where a person placed red text over a black background unknowingly causing difficulties for the vision-impaired and/or colour blind audience. (For some reason, this type of no-no often happens for PowerPoint presentations!) Alternatively, someone has chosen an outlandish or startling background colour and then doesn’t know why they don’t like their homemade website any longer. Choosing website and branding colours is comparable to choosing indoor paint colours: it is invigorating to choose bright and exciting colours… at first. Then you have to live with them for an extended period and you find yourself longing for something more subdued.

Again, it all comes back to your overall business vision and plan as to the right formula of tasks you need to do in-house versus externally.

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