About Fun4business

We are a little different from other web design companies

Fun4business - we keep it small!

The Fun4business team assembles on a project-by-project basis. We believe that this is the way of the future and the key to thriving in our current economy. Long gone are the days of larger companies being able to respond and deliver quickly and efficiently, as well as being able keep it real and personable. We properly assess our custom projects and assign right-fit, quality people.

Our target market

We work with small and medium businesses, in Calgary and around the world, setting our clients up on the online world map, with practical and maintainable Internet ecosystems.

Fun4business - our target market

We help entrepreneurs, consultants and businesses develop, publish and promote professional looking and engaging content on websites and social media. We help you to develop, create, write and present your stuff so that it lines up with your vision, mission, purpose and goals. Everything you do online should be in alignment with your overall business objectives – which entails creating and adhering to a marketing plan. Strategic planning saves you time, money and energy and we can help with this. Fun4business keeps you inline and on target. [Think: leader of the rebel army leading the attack against the Death Star. That’s us.]

Here is a list of our defined target markets: 

  1. You are a small or medium business and need an online partner to manage and maintain your online portfolio. Your ideal candidate is willing and available to perform most or all of your website updates and social media campaigns. You have budgeted for regular updates and are looking forward to developing a long-term working relationship based on trust and that delivers high-quality, error-free work. You do not have enough work to employ a full-time employee, or alternatively do not have the in-house technical capabilities and expertise, and would prefer to hire a subcontractor.
  2. You are a small business, consultant or entrepreneur who has a vested interest in creating and managing your business’ online endeavours and are looking for an online partner to send on-demand tasks and requests to when needed. You are fairly technically competent, but sometimes get a bit overwhelmed by the tasks or alternatively know that a professional can get it done quicker. You may require online training from time to time when you get stuck.
Photo of Allison Kessler, founder of Fun4business

Photo of Allison Kessler, founder of Fun4business

Also – you will deal with one person.

That’s right! If you are seeking to work with a web design company where you have one contact throughout the life cycle of your project, Fun4business is a great choice as your online partner. Meet Allison Kessler, the founder and Creative Director. See her to the right (or above)? She’s waving and smiling at you right now!

A little background

Fun4business was started in 2009 by Allison Kessler, the company’s Creative Director, and is based in Calgary Alberta Canada.

A natural people person and networker, Allison listens to your design requirements and works with you to deliver creative works suited to your specifications. Allie will work with you to analyze your needs and set achievable objectives.

She is also attending the University of Lethbridge’s Bachelor of Management program, currently holding a 3.8 GPA, with 6 classes remaining. This learning opportunity is fueling many of the blog posts on this website, as well as a future white paper section. Previously specializing in creative writing and writing for the web, Allison’s degree program has introduced proper research methods and refined Allison’s writing and presentation style to a higher quality output. She successfully forms a thesis, incorporates strategic citations, and establishes insightful analysis, arguments and viewpoints.

Working with subcontractors and suppliers

Over the past few years, Fun4business has been working with a number of key vendors and suppliers in order to provide our website design services to clients. What we’ve noticed is the selection of offerings, quality of output, and fabulous customer service has increased exponentially. See – what happens when you are growing a business is you hit extremely uncomfortable growth periods. These times of growth can make or break businesses. Each time a business overcomes growth challenges, its quality of service increases beyond all recognition. Our “online partners” (many of them located in the United States) continue to inspire us to do better, to grow, to improve, and to be able to count on their support and service excellence.

Our mission is to become a reputable, reliable and outstanding web design company that continues to up its game and, at the same time, supports our local economy, advancing Canada’s online presence as a country.

To that end, we are seeking qualified LOCAL CALGARY subcontractors in the following areas of expertise:

  • WordPress website development, customization and maintenance
  • Graphic design
  • Social media marketing
  • Content development and creation, including advanced verbal and written communication skills

to work with us on projects. If this is you, send us an email with your resume and portfolio at info@fun4business.ca and direct it to Allison Kessler.

Formerly 2Design Web

In 2001, Allison had a dream. She was working as a legal assistant creating patent application diagrams in Ottawa. One day her boss said, “You are too good to be working here. Soon you will leave me and go off to be a designer.” And *badda boom badda bing* 2Design Web was established as a partnership in 2002 and was extremely successful. Allie’s business partner Jason Kessler built from scratch a proprietary website content management system called Siteblocks® and it “filled a need” within the business community. At the time, WordPress, Joomla, and other open-source content management systems were not as trusted and popular as they are today. Siteblocks® also came with the website support of the business partners of 2Design Web (friendly and helpful) and, in turn, the business was profitable.

In addition to designing and programming websites from scratch, Allison was in charge of business development, marketing, networking, managing the projects and subcontractors, and administration. In 2008, 2Design Web was awarded with a top 10 placement in Dell’s Small Business of Excellence and worked with numerous small to medium-sized businesses in the Ottawa area.

In 2009, 2Design Web closed its doors after the founding partners moved back to Calgary and parted ways. Very soon after, Fun4business was established. 

Next up: Read about our Quoting Methodology.