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Fun4business is a fun and friendly website design and online marketing shop located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Our primary mission is to help small business owners transform websites they are embarrassed about into a professionally-designed websites they are proud to show off. 

Secondly, we ensure your website aligns with your other online marketing initiatives, like your Google Business Profile, business reviews and social media marketing. Our aim is for you to have a consistent, cohesive and coordinated branded business identity primed for lead generation and getting business. 

Our focus is on developing sound website and online marketing strategies that all work together to achieve your Big Business Goals. We use a combination of methods including writing quality content, optimizing it for the search engines, and boldly promoting your stuff. 

Finding a web designer you trust and like is hard. We love working closely with small business owners on their business websites and have clients we’ve been working with for many years. 

Whether you need Done-For-You or Done-With-You assistance, we strive to be your own personal WordPress website and local business expert in your back pocket and an important part of your business’s collaborative team. 

Allison Kessler at Fun4business

Meet Allison Kessler, Founder &  Boss Bot at Fun4business, located in the southwest neighbourhood of Cedarbrae in Calgary Canada.

I got my Web Designer Certificate in 2001 from Algonquin College in Ottawa, and I’ve been web designing professionally since 2002.

I've been web designing professionally in Canada for more than 22 years!

I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses across Canada (and a few American businesses too) create their website branding and design and launch their websites.

In the web design industry, it’s all about developing an impressive portfolio and showcasing beautiful websites and satisfied clients. Please take a look at Fun4business’s portfolio of websites, our website design case studies, and client testimonials.

our mission

It is our mission for each new website we launch to be our Best Website Ever. We put a lot of care, energy and attention to detail into creating High-Quality, Professionally-Designed WordPress Websites for our clients.

Every element is accounted for, including: 

Your business website is just one piece of your online marketing materials. We carefully design a custom website layout design that perfectly matches your business branding assets, including your logo, colours and fonts. We work with you to select images, photos and videos to visually depict what you do. 

Let’s create your online business strategy together. Putting together a well-thought out and integrated strategy can save hours of work later on. Brainstorm your website ideas with us and we can provide you with instant feedback, visual examples and creative solutions.

Part of your website strategy is planning out your website architecture and navigation menus. This is where we usually start as we move from big picture view into each section’s finer details.

What’s the point in designing a new website for your business if you’re going to stick in crappy content? Writing and creating quality content is extremely important to us – and hopefully to you too. Together, we’ll research, gather, develop and write brilliant web copy.

Additionally, your website will be optimized for the search engines. 

Your website project will be kept on track and launch on time with our expert website project management skills. We use Asana as our preferred website PM tool and update our projects daily, delegating and assigning due dates to each task. 

We take milestones seriously, do you?

At the beginning of every project, the first thing we do is schedule our client check-in meetings. This is a win-win, keeping both the client and Fun4business accountable and on track. 

You’ll find our meetings are super fun and productive. You might even find yourself looking forward to them! 

The work we do is top notch. Designing and building a beautiful, professional website that suits your needs is our ultimate goal. We take the time to ensure all of the elements of your site are above and beyond your average basic website.

This really is our passion and we will work with you to ensure that everything is perfect for your website launch.

We work best with business owners who want to work with a Website Project Manager who takes the time to design an amazing website for you. When you decide to work with Allison at Fun4business on your website, you desire to work with someone who thinks things through, asks questions, offers multiple solutions, and carefully applies the finishing touches.

It's time to try something different.

Why not work with a smaller Calgary web design shop on your business website this time? Contact us to get started!

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