our target market

We work with Canadian online entrepreneurs and small businesses — mostly those based in Calgary or somewhere in Alberta.

We help you fill the technical gaps for establishing and maintaining your website and online presence.

We build long-term working relationships built on trust and affordability.

We make working on your website fun, exciting and stress free!

our smallish difference

We are a little different from other web design companies.

Mostly you will be working directly with the founder and Creative Director herself, Allison Kessler.

We bring in additional team members when needed when it will benefit the project.

Like a professional graphic designer for brilliant tweaks to your branding or print marketing materials.

The Fun4business team assembles on a project-by-project basis; we properly assess our custom projects and assign right-fit, quality people.

Meet Allison Kessler

Photo of Allison Kessler, Founder of Fun4business Calgary

Founder & Creative Director of Fun4business – Canadian Online Entrepreneur

I love helping my clients achieve success in their online businesses. I do this by providing inspiration, creative ideas, and guidance, by being a problem solver and thinking outside the box, and by motivating my clients through working as a team to get things completed and launched quickly.