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Making it fun!

Making it fun!

Don’t underestimate the importance of fun while working on creative projects.

The "fun" component gets sprinkled into every part of our creative process. Fun creates a synergy that makes everything easier, quicker and better.

When work feels like fun, our job is done!

Honor the Creative Process

Honouring the Creative Process

“Work in the present moment and let the design unfold”

The creative process is in right brain territory and needs a little bit of space to come together perfectly. We create systems and procedures to nurture creativity, brainstorming and experimentation so that we can design better websites.

Helping People Matters

Supporting Heart-Centered Business Owners

Helping people with their missions

Whether you are a plumber or a reiki practitioner, we endeavor to make positive change in the world and are honoured to work on meaningful projects.

We produce high quality websites

High Quality Outputs

“Creating something amazing…that actually works!”

We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality website services. Thinking things through, researching options, and implementing the best solutions takes time. If you are looking for quick, cheap or crappy website services, please go elsewhere.

Organization and Website Project Management


“A holistic system that governs, nurtures and leads”

We employ a comprehensive systematic process to lead the Fun4business team and our clients through every project and task. We act as a calming agent to swiftly and easily move everyone from start to launch.

"It's like herding cats." Oooops, did we say that outloud?!

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