core values

Learn about what makes us tick! If you like these things too, it’s a good match 🤗

Making it fun!

Making it Fun!

Don’t underestimate the importance of fun while working on creative projects.

The "fun" component gets sprinkled into every part of our creative process. Fun creates a synergy that makes everything easier, quicker and better.

When work feels like fun, our job is done!

Helping People Matters

Supporting Heart-Centered Business Owners

Helping people with their missions

Whether you are a plumber or holistic practitioner, we love working with our clients on their business websites. Together, we will make this world a better place by helping setting up your virtual storefront so you can sell your wares.

We produce high quality websites

High Quality Outputs

Creating something amazing…that actually works!

We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality website services. Your new website will be totally responsive (work great on all device sizes), look great, and do what it's suppose to do.

We also provide a 30-day guarantee on ALL of our work!

Organization and Website Project Management

Sophisticated Project Mg't

We've gone a little overboard with the organization...

We deploy a comprehensive systematic process to lead the Fun4business team and our clients through every project and task. We act as a calming agent to swiftly and easily move everyone from start to launch.

"It's like herding cats." Oooops, did we say that outloud?!

Communication is Key at Fun4business

Communication is Key

Weekly check-in meetings really work.

Too many pointless meetings is stupid. Our meetings are different because we accomplish SO MUCH during every meeting. This is how we work together to meet your deadlines, milestones and launch dates.

Who knows, you might find yourself looking forward to them! 🤓

Honor the Creative Process

Love the Final Design!

It needs to last longer than the honeymoon stage 💞

Our goal is to build a website that you are really proud of and can't wait to show off.

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