Project Details

Lesley Millar

Creative Director
Allison Kessler

Case Studies, Website Maintenance, SEO, Logo Design

Website Maintenance Project Overview

This story might sound familiar to small business owners. the Acostar website was built by a friend and the owner has been updating it herself the best she can while running her busy dog breeding business. Lesley contacted Fun4business when she ran into a technical issue that she couldn’t solve herself and needed someone to fix it in a timely manner. After discovering that having Allison at Fun4business assist her with website maintenance was actually easier and less costly than she’d assumed, a partnership was formed to work on the website maintenance and development as a team. The rest is history!

Project Highlights

Some of the project highlights include: a home page photo gallery slider, brand new puppy photos gallery, search engine optimization (SEO) services to elevate Acostar to the top of the search engines, a website revamp to turn on multiple features that were disabled, content reorganization and display improvements, and more!

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Project Challenges

Acostar’s business started off in Alberta and then moved to Ontario. Unbeknown to the client, her website’s search engine rankings started to fall because her website was optimized for Alberta’s geographic location, not Ontario. Therefore, she was not effectively reaching her new target market.

After going through a substantial business change like a location move, it’s important to review all of your website’s content and search engine optimization and make changes and updates to ensure you are being ranked correctly in the search engines. Since it takes time for changes to sift through Google, you need to update your website quickly to accurately reflect who you are.

Sometimes when you get your website set up by friends or family, it lacks the loving touch of a professional web designer. In this case, the Acostar website was set up with a really nice theme, but all of the fancy features were disabled. Allison at Fun4business reviewed all of the possible advanced settings and made a list of recommendations of small changes that would make a big difference on the website layout design. Together with the client, a realistic implementation schedule was established.

As part of our recommendations, we upgraded the client’s web hosting plan to optimize her website’s performance, as well as moved her website from http to https, with a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate. Web standards (and Google) now require websites to install SSL certificates to add an extra layer of security across the Internet.