Automating The Old To Make Room For The New

I was recently chatting with a client who just moved with her family from northern Alberta to Calgary – my city of operations! (It is so exciting getting to meet clients in person after working by Skype, phone and email for so long!)

Anyhow, she was mentioning that her new house is quite large and she doesn’t have the capacity to clean it and run her home-based business at the same time. However, she is too stubborn to pay for cleaners!

By stating the problem out loud, she consciously acknowledges that this is a problem, and that the solution would be to employ regular cleaners.

But why do we come up with a good idea and then immediately talk ourselves out of it?

Well, for one, it’s easy to write off the idea because of the extra monetary cost. Can she really justify the additional monthly cost?

The second argument – I believe – has to do with societal conditioning. A man wouldn’t hesitate to bring in cleaners. A woman, on the other hand, is responsible for taking care of her family, household and home. It feels good to take pride in these things. It feels grounded to do them yourself.

On a more personal note, I actually enjoy doing some household chores. It gives me time to rest my left brain and clear my head. Often times, a brilliant idea comes to me when I’m doing dishes by hand at the sink.

Regardless, the list of excuses can pile up. Then, you’re back where you started – dismissing a great idea before giving it a fair chance.

What does hiring residential cleaners have to do with running an online business?

This: How many things could you automate in your online business that you are doing manually or that you just don’t know is possible?

Some great questions to ask yourself on a regular basis are:

  • What tasks would be so much simpler if I took the time to plan and schedule them right into my calendar?
  • What technology would make maintaining my website that much easier and faster, including devices, apps, programs, platforms, and plugins?
  • What tasks could I be outsourcing at a lower cost than it takes me to do them?
  • What tasks do I dread doing so much that my procrastination and delaying leads to them never getting done?

Sometimes when we actually try to work more efficiently and fail, we get discouraged.

For example, I subscribed to an online appointment-booking service; I went to the effort of setting it up… and no one uses it!

In this case, I set up an automaton that would make my life so much easier, but for some reason it isn’t jiving with my target audience. All I know is that on the surface this newly introduced system isn’t working. Should I give up? Not necessarily. My next task is to figure out WHY it isn’t working.

Perhaps I missed some steps, like neglecting to survey my target audience. Perhaps I didn’t get creative and niche it down better; instead of calling it a free consultation, I could change it to “Sign up here for your Free SEO/ website/ online marketing audit!” Perhaps my creative design isn’t calling out to be clicked; I should try different creative displays to find one producing successful results.

Whatever the case, don’t let one unsuccessful attempt at an idea cause you to throw every new idea in the garbage before trying them out.

Online entrepreneurs need to be ever mindful of new, more efficient ways of working in order to truly get more done in less time – eliminating all “busy” work.

Check out our super helpful download below that outlines 10 automation systems for working seamlessly between your desktop computer and all of your devices. Heading into 2018, it’s time to get organized!

What systems can you automate?

Check out our list of Top 10 Life-Saving Automation Systems For Running Your Online Business here.

I’m Interested!

If anything on our list strikes your fancy that you need help setting up and using, write it in the comments below. We’ll be doing some how-to demos and want to know what you need help with that can also help someone else!

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