Automating The Old To Make Room For The New

I was recently chatting with a client who just moved with her family from northern Alberta to Calgary – my city of operations! (It is so exciting getting to meet clients in person after working by Skype, phone and email for so long!) Anyhow, she was mentioning that her new house is quite large and… Continue reading

7 Tips To Better Manage Your Online Marketing Initiatives

How to stay on top of it all The answer is to Work More Efficiently. Duh! Working efficiently is always desired, but how can we achieve this with our online marketing? Here are some ideas on how you can make this happen. 7 Quick Tips to Better Manage Your Online Marketing Initiatives Know where you… Continue reading

The joy of a surprise gift of thanks at Christmas time

MailChimp has outdone themselves this year for Christmas. I received an email a couple weeks ago from them saying a holiday gift was on its way, and the cynical me said, “this is too good to be true.” And sure enough, a gift arrived today in the mail — the perfect timing right before Christmas! Even better, this is actually my first desk figurine, yay ūüôā Continue reading


The term responsive as defined by Google means “reacting quickly and positively.”

Responsive – in relation to website design – is a¬†website that jumps to fit the user’s device, whether it’s a tiny cell phone, tablet, laptop or large monitor. All elements should work in all platforms and user environments. They may not work identically, however, there is a solution created so that functionality is comparative. For example, on a large monitor, there’s plenty of room for the entire website navigation to be displayed and accessible; on a cell phone, the navigation is usually wrapped up into a button that when you click, it opens into a list of navigation choices.

This isn’t just “nice to have” any more, it’s vital to your business.

Big Data

The term “Big Data” is relatively new and is growing¬†swiftly and exponentially. Big Data entails tracking and storing your customers’ individual preferences (click-throughs, likes/dislikes, purchases, wish list items, etc.) in a database. It then calculates and analyses all of this information using proprietary algorithms to learn and generate smart assumptions and suggestions in order to¬†tailor… Continue reading