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start your website redesign project with a website reality check
Take time out for a Website Reality Check

It’s time to have a heart to heart with your website. Otherwise known as a…  

Website Reality Check.

This is a great opportunity to ask your website if it is happy, and then figure out if you yourself are also happy. Here’s how you can determine the status of your current site.

Ask yourself these 3 questions.

1. Does your website look good?
2. Does your website work properly?
3. Are you still in touch with your web designer?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it might be time to think about redesigning your website with a professional web team.

Client Testimonial

It was a pleasure working with Allison at Fun4business to create and launch my business website. She worked diligently to address all of my questions and design a beautiful and informative website, which has received rave reviews from all of my associates. I am so grateful for her knowledge and expertise!

Does your website have Personality?

Does your website have personality?
What's so special about your website?

What’s the difference between your website and that other guy’s? 

Have you ever done a search for your competitors or for service providers in another industry and after seeing a few websites, they all look the same? 

  • None of them stand out.
  • None of them speak to you.
  • None of them have that element of “je ne sais quoi”

Talk about disappointing!

If your website doesn’t look good, stand out, and make an impression, then it’s not doing its job. It’s time to examine your Website Branding.

Your Website Design & Branding Matters.

Client Testimonial

Allison is extremely creative and brings not only her practical business sense, but her personal creativity to ensure the website reflects what we truly wanted. We recommend Allison and Fun4business to anyone who is looking for a professional, creative and knowledgeable website designer.

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Professional Website Designs

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It is our mission for each new website we launch to be our Best Website Ever. We put a lot of care, energy and attention to detail into creating high-quality, professionally-designed WordPress websites for our clients.

Every element is accounted for, including: 

Your business website is just one piece of your online marketing materials. We carefully design a custom website layout design that perfectly matches your business branding assets, including your logo, colours and fonts. We work with you to select images, photos and videos to visually depict what you do. 

Let’s create your online business strategy together. Putting together a well-thought out and integrated strategy can save hours of work later on. Brainstorm your website ideas with us and we can provide you with instant feedback, visual examples and creative solutions.

Part of your website strategy is planning out your website architecture and navigation menus. This is where we usually start as we move from big picture view into each section’s finer details.

What’s the point in designing a new website for your business if you’re going to stick in crappy content? Writing and creating quality content is extremely important to us – and hopefully to you too. Together, we’ll research, gather, develop and write brilliant web copy.

Additionally, your website will be optimized for the search engines. 

Your website project will be kept on track and launch on time with our expert website project management skills. We use Asana as our preferred website PM tool and update our projects daily, delegating and assigning due dates to each task. 

We take milestones seriously, do you?

At the beginning of every project, the first thing we do is schedule our client check-in meetings. This is a win-win, keeping both the client and Fun4business accountable and on track. 

You’ll find our meetings are super fun and productive. You might even find yourself looking forward to them! 

The work we do is top notch. Designing and building a beautiful, professional website that suits your needs is our ultimate goal. We take the time to ensure all of the elements of your site are above and beyond your average basic website.

This really is our passion and we will work with you to ensure that everything is perfect for your website launch.

We are passionate about websites. It’s what we do every day. It’s time to hire some WordPress website experts and treat your website to something nice for a change.

We build WordPress websites.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions asked during our discovery calls and quoting process. 

How long does a website typically take from start to launch? 

  • A smaller website can take about two months to launch.
  • Larger and complex websites can take between 3-6 months from start to launch, depending on the specifications.

There is a significant amount of work that goes into website planning, organization and project management. We need to manage the content development stage, including gathering and creating content, images, videos, audio, etc. It also takes time to edit and finalize the content. Once we put everything together, there will likely be some more revisions, adjustments and finishing touches. And *POOF* the time goes by in the flash of an eye. 

It’s best to be safe and estimate a reasonable launch date, with some buffer time, than choose an impossible delivery date. 

Yes. Most web design companies split the estimate into 2 parts, the first for the web design (requiring web designers), and the second for the development, which means building the actual website and making it work (requiring web developers). It’s actually 2 different skillsets, especially when the big web agencies assign graphic designers instead of web designers to come up with the web design concept. 

Our lead designer, and owner of Fun4business, was trained as a web designer first, and then acquired graphic design skills along her 20-year design journey. This is a benefit, in our opinion, because you should ALWAYS be keeping in mind BOTH the design and development when starting a web design project. 

There are few things you can do to speed up your website launch. Prepare website content in advance and have things ready to go to hand over to the web designer.

  • Write and edit your website text content in advance of project start. 
  • Complete any professional (or amateur) photoshoots in advance of project start. 
  • If you are including a Blog, have at least 6 blog articles ready to populate your blog to start. 
  • If you are having a Job Board, create a couple standard job posting templates. Plan to keep them posted on your job board all of the time and add time-sensitive ones as needed. 

Writing the content is hands down the biggest web design delay. There’s two camps: 1. The website copywriting (text) drives the design, or 2. The web design drives the copywriting. And it’s a combination and balance of both that will produce a successful website. 

Editing the content is the second biggest website launch delay. Editing content back and forth when it’s already in the website can be a huge pain in the butt. It’s important to get as much editing as possible completed BEFORE the content is populated into the website. 

Our web designs are custom quoted for each client and project. You can request a quote here.

Website pricing varies greatly among web designers and agencies, as does what is included with your website or within each quote. It’s like trying to compare apples with oranges for every single quote you will receive. Be prepared to read through the quotes and ask questions for clarifications to understand each point. 

Additional factors to website quoting is the client’s needs, preferences, priorities, and requirements. Every client has different website standards and expectations. 

Yes, there are a few ongoing costs that you need to add into your website budget, including:

  • Domain name registration (renewed yearly) at between $20-40 (or more) per year.
  • Web hosting (monthly or yearly charges). Budget at least $200/year. 
  • Premium WordPress plugin costs. 
  • Ongoing website maintenance costs: Website content additions and updates. 
  • WordPress backups and updates: Learn more about our WP Updates Service Plans here.

There may be more ongoing costs and disbursements, depending on your particular website setup. 

Yes, we have an amazing plan with the highest levels of performance and add-ons for our clients. Inquire within for details about our premium web hosting solution where we take of everything for you and you have full access to the hosting environment. 

No. You need to register and manage your own domain names. 

You write the draft content. We fix it up, write it for the Web, and make it look amazing on your website. 

We offer a comprehensive SEO Foundations Package with all of our website designs. This includes: 

  1. Installation and configuration of the Yoast SEO plugin
  2. Custom written metatags for each web page (Title and Description). 
  3. SEO optimized pages and content, including adding your keywords into Headings, Menus, URLs and Text. 
  4. Adding Google Analytics tracking codes to your website, and creating a Google Search Console account for your website. 
  5. Adding correctly sized “feature images” to your key web pages so that the web page preview looks good. 

If you are looking for comprehensive and ongoing SEO services, you will need to find an SEO expert or partner to assist you and we can provide access to your website admin area for them. 

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