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As you embark on a new creative project, it is important to ensure a good-fit relationship between you and your creative team and contact.

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That is why scheduling a discovery call or free consultation is important. Although not necessary, and we certainly have had successful working relationships with people and companies through nothing but email, a discovery call is a great first impressions test, can help set the tone and establish rapport, as well as quickly uncover whether your client expectations match up with the designer’s.

Big City, Small World

Even though Calgary is a large city, it is definitely a small business world working with local and global entrepreneurs and small-medium businesses. As such, it is nice to be able to put a face to the name and more importantly, enjoy working together. Being true to our name Fun4business, working together should be beneficial, productive, rewarding and — most importantly — fun!

Ask away!

Another benefit is that you can ask questions you may have about website design and online marketing. The Internet landscape can be quite complex and we will do our best to clarify terms or provide assistance on clarifying your interests and requirements.

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