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Welcome to the future! The one where accessing the Internet on mobile phones has surpassed that from desktop computers (do people even own desktops anymore?) and ensuring all development is responsive is key.

The way you reach your customer has changed significantly. Traditional marketing methods continue to persist, however, the social media age is well upon us. What does this mean exactly? It means that the way businesses are marketing their products and services has significantly evolved. Customers have a myriad of choices on how they communicate, research and purchase; distribution and cost limitations have been minimized allowing niche markets to flourish in this even playing field.

On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay on top of things. Distractions are ruling the day. That Facebook group you set up to complement your business has almost become a full-time job to administer. When you planned for writing and publishing that weekly blog, why is it so hard to fulfill this commitment? The ability to focus, target and streamline (read automate) has become more important than ever.

Distractions are ruling the day… the ability to target, focus, streamline and automate are becoming more important than ever and will set you apart from the rest

What does our name Fun4business mean:

Our name emphasizes today’s critical online marketing elements.


Incorporating the fun factor into your website designFUN carries with it aspects from the actual definition of the word including being exciting, fresh and new, and having an energy that appeals to people on a subconscious level, doing so with non-verbal cues such as colours, symbols, images, and videos.

Encompassing FUN means moving to a more informal way of conducting business and reaching out to customers – although, it could also be considered more demanding and time-consuming.

FUN quite literally means the opposite of normal work drudgery and is something that people choose to do because they want to, they are drawn to it and they will make the time for it… because it is fun!

In order to be fun in business, one must be genuinely inspired, creative and engaging – these dimensions are hard to fake and are much easier to achieve when you are passionate about your work.


Know your target audience!The number 4 highlights online marketing must-haves.

We’ve specified this to include:

  1. responsive – your website fits to and works on all of your customers’ devices (cell phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)
  2. interactive – enabling and engaging two-way channels for your target market to contribute and communicate with you (website, social media networks, discussion boards, blogs, news feeds, etc.)
  3. delivering – everything works as it is supposed to and meets your audience’s expectations
  4. current – providing up-to-date and relevant content

Take the time to create clear online business objectivesThe word BUSINESS is a reminder that even though the channels and platforms for business are ever evolving, business fundamentals remain the same and are arguably more important than ever.

Having clear business objectives will enable you to ensure that every initiative that is undertaken is well-planned and strategic.

Do not expand your business into every social network ever invented because you feel pressured to keep up. Make business choices that are practical, realistic and achievable, allowing you to grow your online presence at a pace that is right for you.

Make business choices that are practical, realistic and achievable, allowing you to grow your online presence at a pace that is right for you.

And the good news is…
The good news is you don’t have to understand everything about websites and social media marketing and do everything yourself. If something doesn’t appeal to you, outsource it! That’s what companies like Fun4business are all about – being aware of how business meets fun, and working with you as a partner to achieve your online business goals.

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