7 Tips To Better Manage Your Online Marketing Initiatives

How to stay on top of it all

The amount of work that is required maintain and grow your online marketing efforts can be a full time job in itself. Between keeping your website updated, planning out and writing your email marketing campaigns, and ensuring you regularly engage in your social networks, is there any time left to do your actual job?

The answer is to Work More Efficiently. Duh! Working efficiently is always desired, but how can we achieve this with our online marketing? Here are some ideas on how you can make this happen.

7 Quick Tips to Better Manage Your Online Marketing Initiatives

  1. Know where you target market is. Are they on LinkedIn or Facebook? The way you market to these two networks are quite different. It’s better to go where your target market is and hit it hard, then try to diversity your efforts and only do a cursory job on each one.
  2. Lump all work in a similar task category together. Once you get started on a particular task type, it is more productive to do as many of the same types of tasks all at the same time. It’s called working in Batches. Working in this fashion allows you to get into a groove, with all of the programs you need opened — this type of task focus facilitates ideas flowing creatively. Some types of tasks take a few minutes to get re-oriented with the program you are using, so instead of having to re-learn or re-orient on every single task, take the time to refresh yourself once and then output multiple finished products all at once, like an assembly line.
  3. Plan out all of your campaigns in advance and use a program like Hootsuite schedule the posts. You can literally schedule your entire year’s worth of updates in the same afternoon. Or, more likely, you can go month by month in an orderly fashion.
  4. Work with your strengths. Delegate the rest! My current coach says, “Hire others that play at the tasks you struggle with.” If you’d rather be at the dentist than posting to social media, work with a creative professional to get it done (like Fun4business, hint, hint!)
  5. Get the most out of your content via thorough promotional campaigns. Creating high-quality and engaging content takes a lot of time and effort. The tendency to feel exhausted relief after pressing “Publish” can detour you from the most important part of creating content — promoting it! Once you finish creating creation, put your selling hat on and get the word out about it. Aim for engagement from followers, online friends and networks, and potential customers including: Likes, Shares, Comments, etc. and be sure to acknowledge and reply to everyone.
  6. Stay focussed to completion on each task. The more you practice the art of creation, the more easily ideas start to flow to you. This is wonderful! Except when you start downloading more ideas than you can handle and bring to fruition. Put on your project management hat to create a system to record and store new ideas, prioritize them, and finish tasks to 100% completion before starting new ones.
  7. Create realistic goals. This will likely involve experimentation and testing. My former business coach says, “Tasks always take longer than you think they will. Multiply the expected task time by 3 and you will have the more probable number.” For example, writing a blog article “should” take an hour… right? For me, it can take up to 4 hours. This means I need to make time on a Sunday, steal hours from watching TV, or otherwise ensure I am able to get it done as per my schedule, regardless of the actual time it takes to complete. There’s no point in asking myself for an extension (isn’t that like cheating at a game of Solitaire!). It’s definitely better to schedule achievable deadlines.

This is just a few of the possible ways to work more efficiently and effectively with your online marketing initiatives.

If you have any tips of your own you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section below!

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