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Once you claim your Google Business Listing, the tasks have just begun. Considering Google is the largest search engine in the world, local businesses should take their free Google Business Listings seriously. But how many times have you visited a Google Business Listing that is unclaimed or neglected? The best example is getting confused about a local business’ business hours, especially on holidays.

What if there was an easier and more efficient way to manage your listings and locations? Well there is. We just got our hands on an amazing app that streamlines the entire process.

Consider outsourcing your company’s Google Business Listings to Fun4business! Together, we’ll proactively manage your listings and locations centrally.

Did you take the time to establish and fill in all of the details? Is it professional and branded to your business? 

If you rushed through this step, let us review and help you improve your listing details. 

Struggling to stay on top of your reviews? Google loves it when you respond to your customers’ reviews quickly. We can help you optimize this process and even automate some of it. 

People always have questions and often ask them on your Google Business Listing, instead of contacting you directly. Don’t leave this to chance – answer those questions before someone else does. We help you do this.

Managing multiple locations is onerous. For example, updating all of your locations’ business hours for the Christmas season could take hours depending on how many locations you have. Good news! With our software, we can update ALL of your locations’ hours at the same time. This means you’ll have more time to enjoy your holidays! 

Easily Manage Multiple Locations

Global Capabilities

Managing one location’s Google Business Listing is a lot of work. Imagine having multiple locations. Hundreds or thousands of locations across the map! By doing some simple math, let’s say one location gets an average of 10 new reviews a day and you have 100 locations. That’s 1000 reviews that need to be attended to, in 100 different listing locations! 

Also, if you leave each location responsible for managing its own listing independently, you are apt to get inconsistent results company wide. It makes sense to manage this aspect of your online marketing centrally. 

Answer Questions

Did you know the general public can ask questions about your business? 

These questions aren’t just directed to you, they are able to be answered by anyone online. 

When you work with us, we monitor questions directed to your business. We help you make a good first impression by answering questions about your business quickly. This also deters other people from providing inaccurate or negative information because they got to the question first and are just trying to be helpful. 

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Google Business Listings provides you with basic Insights (stats) for each location. By working with us, we provide you with advanced custom reports.

Create Regions

If you have franchises across the country or globe, we are able to group them into meaningful regions. For example, Western Canada / Eastern Canada, by province, by country, etc. 

By segregating your locations into regions, you are able to deploy different methods of organization, management and updates across regions. 

A great example are updating official holiday hours according to province or country. Not all locations will require the same updates, but at the same time, you don’t want to waste time updating location by location either. 


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Full List Of Features

Professionally Managed

Work with a professional company to centralize, coordinate and manage your Google Business Listings.

Make Global Updates

Making a global update to your business hours across your locations is a breeze. Create regions for finer segmentation.

Flag Reviews

Need to investigate a Review before responding? We can flag it for easy reference and follow up.

Create Tagging System

Create tags for both compliments and concerns. Start to track, analyze and compare performance variables mentioned in reviews - across the company!

Advanced Reporting

Take your Google Insights even further with advanced reporting. Inquire within to get the full list of available reports and queries. Analysis of historical data is also available.

Reviews QR Code

Want to send your customers straight to add a review? We give you a downloadable QR code to display anywhere!

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Google Business Listing Management

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