NuVista Immigration

Project Details

NuVista Immigration
Barb Glatthor

Creative Director
Allison Kessler

Case Studies, Web Design, Landing Pages, Social Media, Logo Design

Online Marketing Project Overview

A few years ago we were connected with Barb at NuVista Immigration for some website maintenance and search engine optimization tasks. As the relationship continued, we worked closely with the client to develop her niche within her industry and corresponding, targeted online marketing initiatives.

Project Highlights

Some of the project highlights include: creating a niche website landing page, monthly social media posting, paid Facebook ad campaigns, and setting the client up with her own YouTube page in order to post customer video testimonials.

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Project “Aha” Moments

When starting out as a small business owner, the tendency is to want to take on all types of clients and resist niching it down. However, the magic happens after you spend some time really figuring out who you want to serve and getting to know them on a personal and intimate level.

You cannot underestimate the power of client testimonials in written and video format. Make it easy for yourself by asking for these at every interaction so that you have them at your fingertips for future marketing initiatives.

Finding your niche is an intuitive journey, and yet you can speed things up by doing marketing planning exercises and revisiting, revising and refining them as you work with more people.

One day you’ll get out of bed and realize that you love going to work every day (for yourself), are excited that you get to work with your “perfect” clients, and are rewarded with prosperity. Then you’ll know you’ve hit the mark with your business niche.

Reverse Testimonial

“Working with Barb at NuVista has been such a pleasure. Barb’s eagerness and enthusiasm to try new things with social media and just do some experimenting until we get it right is how things need to be done nowadays. Barb has also taught me that getting things shipped takes priority over getting things perfect, because I am always arguing with my perfectionist persona and tend to spend too long on certain tasks. Barb keeps me on my toes, pushes my boundaries and is a wonderful client whom I’m lucky to have!”

– Allison Kessler, Founder & Creative Director of Fun4business