Email Marketing

What is arguably more important than your website development right now?

Your Email List.

Your website is important, don’t get me wrong, but it’s out there in virtual space waiting for people to come and visit.

Your email list, on the other hand, goes directly to people’s inboxes. This is the medium you need to use to communicate with your target market on a regular basis. The fantastic thing about your email list is that people only sign up if they are interested in hearing from you. This allows you to build a list of qualified leads filled with contacts who have voluntarily signed up because they want to hear from you. They value your advice and recommendations, and there is a higher click-through rate because your contacts are interested in what you have to say, trust you and know you will send them high quality information and content.

Just by reading this web page right now, you are likely familiar with the value in building an email list. So how do you get started?

There are 3 things involved in setting up a proper email distribution list:

  1. Choose a professional email list provider: 
    Fun4business’ preferred email program is MailChimp, which offers a basic free account so you can get started at low cost, and then switch to a pay-as-you-go account to add extras as needed. Fun4business can also work with any mail distribution service you already have set up.
  2. Design your email template(s):
    Your email template designs need to match your branding. It is beneficial to hire a professional designer like Fun4business to create a fabulous email template you can be confident portrays your business professionally and consistently.
  3. Set up the sign-up forms: 
    Add sign-up forms anywhere and everywhere: your website, Facebook page, blog, etc.

Once your list is set up, there are a few additional considerations, like… how do you get your target audience to bite?

The importance of a marketing strategy

Email marketing is like fishing, you need to carefully plan out the bait

You wouldn’t go fishing without putting bait on your hook, would you? Email marketing works the same way. You need to bait your target audience with an offer they can’t refuse. Sweeten the deal, so to speak. If you want someone’s email address and contact info, then you need to give something of value in return.

Therefore, at the heart of your email marketing initiative is your long-term online marketing plan.

Taking a day to plan out your email list building strategy for the next 6 months to a year means that you can set out the steps required to make it happen, as well as ensure everything is scheduled into your calendar. Fun4business can walk you through this step to ensure you have all of your bases covered. A planning session with us can save you hours of time, giving you the structure of an efficient system to eliminate needless spinning of wheels.

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