Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Fun4business offers a two-phased approach for the search engine optimization of your website. First, we perform an initial SEO Assessment to review the performance of your website and uncover your specific needs. This includes using our unique 5-level assessment process outlined below. Following which, we will work with you to develop a customized SEO Maintenance Plan, based on your Assessment and matching your business objectives.

5-Level SEO Assessment

Is your business website in need of a SEO checkup?

Here’s 3 good reasons to have Fun4business perform its SEO Assessment on your website today:

  1. Your website was built a while ago and, at the time, search engine optimization was not a main consideration or done in-depth.
  2. Your website has undergone major changes, such as architectural or structural changes, and needs a SEO overhaul.
  3. Your business has undergone substantial or material business changes (like geographic location) that warrant a full review and information update.

Search engine optimization needs to be attended to on a regular basis, and starting off with a comprehensive needs/work assessment provides valuable business intelligence that guides objectives, measurements, maintenance and improvements. Additionally, differentiating variables between industries, geographic locations, from business to business, discourages a one-size-fits-all approach. It is important to perform adequate research to determine the specific conditions for your online business.

Our in-depth search engine optimization assessment consists of the following 5 levels:

Keyword Research - Level 1 of Fun4business SEO Assessment

This level involves performing research to determine strategic keywords and keyword phrases for your business and website. It includes gathering client input, analyzing competitor and industry-related websites, as well as utilizing Google’s Keyword Planner Tool.

An additional benefit is that you will have a strong keyword foundation for engaging in paid advertising with Google Adwords, if you are considering this online advertising option.

Optimize Website - Level 2 of Fun4business SEO Assessment

This level involves optimizing your website, including the metatags, page content, and internal linking structure, as well as developing a website growth strategy.

Here, at Fun4business, we apply a well-tested formula for optimizing your website for the search engines. This formula is working for several of our clients already! We love doing the heavy lifting in this area for you.

Search Engines - Level 3 of Fun4business SEO Assessment

Level 3 involves search engine submission, setting up Google Analytics tracking code, integrating Google’s Search Engine Console, and creating a real-time sitemap that auto-submits and updates for the search engines.

Social Networks - Level 4 of Fun4business SEO Assessment

It is important to take a look at social networking as viable channels for traffic, linking and business opportunities. For example, setting up a Google Business Page can provide you with search engine ranking advantages. You can leverage social networks to improve your search engine rankings and results.

External and Internal Linking - Level 5 of Fun4business SEO Assessment

Examining quality incoming linking opportunities is a way to take your SEO to the next level. This includes submitting your website to online business directories (free and paid), asking for links to your website from partners and associates, and seeking opportunities to write guest articles and content on other websites and linking back to your own website.

During our consultation, we will go through all 5 areas with you to determine which services would most benefit your website, and then provide you with a corresponding quote.

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SEO Maintenance Plans

Once you have had the initial SEO Assessment and corresponding work done, we offer customized SEO maintenance plans to regularly measure and improve your site’s performance. Our plans include:

  1. Plan Design & Setup
    1. Establishment of clear business objectives (for SEO)
    2. Determine which SEO elements align with your business objectives
    3. Customization of measurements and reports
  2. Scheduling of Work and Reporting
  3. Monthly Meetings to discuss previous month’s performance and review upcoming month’s strategy and targets
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Be Wary!

Be wary of companies that want to add your website to multiple directories to increase traffic to your website. Every directory your website is added to should be evaluated as to quality, authenticity and legitimacy. It is true that having external links pointed to your website from reputable websites increase your website’s PageRank, and in turns helps to increase your search engine rankings. Conversely, external links to your website on sketchy websites or “link farms” detract from your website’s ranking. So be careful!

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