2021 Pricing & Rates

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One size doesn't fit all

Website needs vary. Let’s meet to discuss YOUR business website needs. Fun4business creates custom web proposals and estimates based on the unique requirements of your website project. 

There are many elements that go into a web design estimate, including: website strategy, design and branding, website size and # of pages, content writing and creation tasks, advanced functionality desired, search engine optimization and related search engine tasks, and more. 

We also offer website maintenance services, SEO packages, and monthly WordPress updates. Scroll down for more detailed pricing. 

Step one is to figure out your website strategy and create the vision, mission and goals for your site. View your website from your target market’s perspective and assess how your website can satisfy their needs. What is the ONE THING you want people to do on your website? Are you driving your visitors to that one thing? Let’s talk about how your website fits in with the rest of your online marketing. 

When you create a new business website, the foundation for your design is your branding assets, including your logo, colors, fonts, and more. The stronger your brand, the easier your website design comes together. When approaching a site design, let’s chat about your branding too, i.e. where is it and where do you want it to be.

How many web pages will your new website have? The number of pages is a large determinate of pricing. Sometimes this is a straightforward calculation. Other times, you may need to engage in a website strategy session to plan it out. 

Writing your website content can be the longest part of the website design process. Even if you are transferring over current content to a new website, it all needs to be reviewed and edited for the new format. We can help with your content planning and writing tasks. We are experts at Writing For The Web. 

What kind of advanced functionality do you want for your new website? We can help offer right-fit solutions for your technical needs. Need some ideas? Think: event calendars, appointment booking, online stores and payment processing, online communities, sharing videos, and more! 

Search engine optimization (SEO) and related search engine tasks – such as creating and/or updating your accounts in Google Search Console and Google Analytics – needs to be accounted for.

We’ve handled many website redesigns, and even managed huge changes like moving to a new domain name, without losing search engine rankings. We perform keyword research, write custom metatags for each of your pages and expertly optimize your website content. 

Are you doing a lot of advertising in social media networks? We can set up your pages to display beautifully on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter when you share a link to your site. 

Our Rates

Our website maintenance hourly rate is for straightforward updates for your website. You tell us what we need done, give us the content, and we’ll update your site for you.

Are you looking to invest some time and energy into your website this year? We love hearing this! Our favourite activity is continuing to work with business owners on their websites post launch. 

Check out our two current offers for purchasing bulk hours for website maintenance: 

  • 5 hours of website maintenance for $425
  • 10 hours of website maintenance for $750

Inquire within for more info and to signup. 

Includes a 30-min check-in call (with Allison) and 2 hours of website maintenance per month. 

Do you need help sorting out your website, brainstorming new ideas or re-organizing the structure? This is our specialty! Call us to book your Website Strategy Session at 403-826-1286

We’ve got website projects systemized into tiny baby steps. Everything is accounted for, including delegating tasks and assigning due dates and milestones. We’re the perfect team to put in charge of your website or creative project. 

Need something custom programmed or advanced? We can help! 

We have a professional graphic designer on our team if you need a logo designed or redesigned.

Fun4business creates custom web proposals and estimates based on the unique requirements of your website project.

Website Maintenance

hourly power packs

Make 2021 your year! It’s time to make a commitment to your website and give it some attention. In fact, why don’t you give us a call at (403) 826-1286 to see how you can work on your website every month so it doesn’t fall to the wayside. 

We have the following two - Amazingly Affordable - hourly power packs for you to choose from.

On Demand

$ 95 Per Hour
  • Pay as you go
  • Exactly the amount of maintenance as you need, when you need it.

5 Hours

Power Pack
$ 425 One Time
  • $85/hr
  • A savings of $50

10 Hours

Power Pack
$ 750 One Time
  • $75/hr
  • A savings of $200
Best Deal

This year, say "Yes!" to your website!

WordPress Backup & Updates

If your website is created in WordPress, you need to continuously update the WordPress core, theme and plugins. We also recommend installing a security plugin and programming auto backups to a remote server. Protecting your important business assess is our #1 priority! 

We have on-demand pricing or two yearly plans to choose from. 

On Demand

$ 95 One Update
  • Complete backup of entire website and database
  • Assessment of required updates
  • Update of WordPress core, theme and plugins
  • Reporting


Everything in the On-Demand update +
$ 510 Yearly
  • 6 updates per year
  • $85 per update ($60 yearly savings)
  • Continuous website update monitoring
6 Updates


Everything in the previous packages +
$ 900 Yearly
  • 12 updates per year
  • $75 per update ($240 yearly savings)
12 Updates

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