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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Specifically for WordPress Websites

Search optimizing your website must be a priority for business owners who want to get organically-obtained leads and business directly from the  search engines.

SEO has been around for a long time and so we’re not going to bore you with a bunch of definitions and fluff. If you are here, you are looking for real SEO solutions for your business website. You are hoping that you get a bang for your buck and don’t get ripped off, with no idea of what your SEO guys did or any return on your investment. 

Stick around if you want to find out more about how Fun4business does SEO and why it’s so much better than those other options you are considering. 

How Does Fun4business Do SEO?

We have invested in a powerful, all-in-one WordPress SEO plugin system driven by AI! 

The old way of doing SEO is to combine multiple channels, methods and programs together to come up with an SEO system comprising of various systems, processes and procedures. This can be cumbersome, inefficient and exhausting—for both the client and the SEO service provider. We began searching for an easier way. We wanted an all-encompassing solution created specifically for WordPress that was also lightweight so as to impact a website’s speed or performance. 

Fun4business partners with Squirrly SEO!

After years of searching for a better SEO solution made just for WordPress, Squirrly SEO was finally invented. This revolutionary SEO plugin contains everything you need for website SEO, including the kitchen sink, and blows away limited plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math. The Fun4businessSEO plugin (powered by Squirrly) is one plugin that replaces everything else. It literally does everything that you need, and much much more. 

It gamifies the entire website SEO process!

As we’re all about making work fun here at Fun4business, the way that our new SEO plugin runs on AI in a gamified way is a huge win. Tasks and goals are visually displayed in a simple and colorful manner. It’s super encouraging to see immediate results and highlighted achievements and improvements (both in the SEO Dashboard and by email reporting), that you are motivated to keep going. 

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What you get with the Fun4business SEO for WordPress System

Getting started is a 3-step process, as follows. 


SEO Plugin


Create your 
SEO Starting Strategy


SEO Maintenance

First, you need to have us install our SEO WordPress plugin on your website for a monthly subscription payment of $49.95. 

Second, we create your initial SEO Starting Strategy within the SEO plugin. 

And lastly, you get to choose your monthly package of SEO work you want completed. 5 hours per month? 10 hours? Create your monthly SEO plan with us according to your budget. 

Monthly SEO for WordPress Website Packages

Pricing & Packages

At Fun4business, we currently offer the following search engine optimization packages, or you can create your own package according to your SEO budget. You will need to sign up for a year contract to get these competitive prices. Our SEO can be customized to be Done-For-You or Done-With-You, depending on your interest in doing some of the work in-house. We have a kick-ass SEO WordPress plugin driven by AI that organizes the whole process, makes doing SEO easy and fun, and enables collaboration opportunities. Inquire within for more info. 

What's included?

Our search engine optimization services are geared towards your website. We specialize in 4 main areas:  1. Website and search engine technical configurations, 2. Keyword and competitor research, 3. Website Strategy; 3. On-site and on-page optimization, and 4. Strategic content development. 

*We do not provide External Linking and Backlink services. 

How well is your website built? Was it built with SEO in mind? There are a number of technical aspects to your website that impact your SEO including website errors, page speed, caching, mobile responsiveness, and more. We analyze your website, create a wish list for improvements and discuss it with you and how to proceed. 

Communicating with the search engines, like Google and Bing, is essential. First, we ensure you are registered with these sites, as well as with Google Search Console and an analytics program like Google Analytics. We double check your tracking codes are set up properly and that your privacy policy is up to date. 

We submit updated website sitemaps for you and review any flagged page errors. Did you know you can can submit new web pages at any time for indexing? It’s important to regularly communicate with the search engines about your website’s status, updates and changes.

We start with keyword research to determine strategic keywords and keyword phrases for your business and website. This involves client input, analyzing competitor and industry-related websites, as well as gathering statistics from our keyword planning tool.

Taking a look at what your competitors are doing is important. Specifically, we analyze your industry competitor websites that have earned the highest placed rankings on Google and take a look at what they are doing with respect to SEO. 

Additionally, we can determine the competitiveness of your marketspace and provide an estimate of the amount of work it will take to get you up there too. Maybe your website is only a little ways off. Or maybe your website is in red ocean territory (like web designers!) and you’ll need to go all in to Get ‘Er Done. 

Once we have completed the preliminary research for your business website, we will develop your comprehensive SEO strategy for the next year. A central part of this is to map out your website’s architecture and sitemap and integrate your keyword research and strategy. We will designate your “focus” pages and link your Big Picture Goals to your website action items. 

Next, we’ll optimize your website including your metatags and page content. We’ll review your website structure, navigation menus and internal linking.

We will likely suggest expanding and growing your website, in accordance with your SEO strategy, by providing helpful articles to your target audience or by adding a blog. Are you throwing spaghetti at the wall by publishing random posts and content that will “hopefully” do something? Let’s get smarter about this together! 

Are you tired of throwing spaghetti at your blog wall? Or writing page content that you don’t even know will get you new business? Your new website strategy will include creating a logical PLAN for adding new content to your website. We will use our research tools to find out exactly what topics you should write about. And we can even write them for you! 

WordPress SEO Plugin & Software

Search engine optimization is no longer one of those dreaded tasks because we make it so much fun!

We’d like to take all the credit for this SEO is fun breakthrough, but it’s partially due to our brand new software. We invested in a comprehensive program that: 

Call in the Fun4business SEO Experts to increase the performance of your website in the search engines. 

SEO is a tricky industry and every SEO professional has their own process and tactics. At Fun4business, we are transparent and inclusive. We provide explanations of what we are doing and why, working with you as a team to get you to the top of the search engine rankings.

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