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What Is Strategy?

Planning your new website

The Internet marketspace has changed drastically. Are you keeping up? A brochure type of website was perfectly adequate 15 years ago when the Internet was in its infancy. Nowadays, you need to work smarter, deploy fancier marketing tactics, and ensure your website marketing strategy includes all three areas of: Business, Community, and Technology. 

If all of this sounds far too complicated, consider working with Allison at Fun4business to plan out your comprehensive website design strategy… BEFORE you start building your website.

What are your business’ vision, mission, goals, and objectives, and how does your website integrate with your big picture plan? 

Your community encompasses your entire target market, including leads who may be in a variety of buying stages, as well as your current customers. 

Technology has made humongous strides and it’s easier than ever to build and manage your business website, with all the functionality you desire. 

Create Your Online Marketing Strategy

Get Educated On New Techniques

Take the time to carefully design your sales funnels, craft the perfect lead magnet, and lead your audience through your site to complete your business and sales goals. 

These website features are still fairly new’ish. If you need help figuring out which ones are a good fit for your business, talk to Allison. 

Write Quality Content

The task that takes the longest and is the most difficult to complete – writing your website content – is usually treated as an after thought. In actuality, you need to position this critical work AHEAD of your website design and complete it first, at least in draft

Get clear on your new website’s content development scope by booking a strategy session with Allison. You’ll feel so much better moving into the website design phase when you KNOW exactly what is going to be published. 

Plan Your Future Website Updates

When you create the plans for your new website, think about the sections that will need updating regularly, like your blog. Build this website maintenance into your schedule and stick to it. Try writing content in batches and then scheduling them to publish throughout the year. 

Overwhelmed? Schedule a strategy session with Allison. – your website planning expert. She’ll help you break each goal down into bite-sized tasks, set reasonable deadlines and get it done quicker. 

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Get started on your website today by working with Allison – that’s me! – at Fun4business.

I offer free 15-min consultations and 60-min strategy sessions, or request a quote for your web project.

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