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Designing your new website

Calgary web designers at Fun4business studio specialize in designing custom WordPress websites for small to medium-sized businesses. We take care of the entire website project for you, including: managing the creative project, facilitating weekly client meetings, and implementing the website design build. This is what we do every day and you better believe we have the entire process systemized and streamlined. Let’s get started!

Let’s create your online business strategy together. Putting together a well-thought out strategy can save hours of work later on. Brainstorm your website ideas with us and we can provide you with instant feedback, visual examples and creative solutions.

What’s the point in designing a new website for your business if you’re going to stick in crappy content? Writing and creating quality content is extremely important to us – and hopefully to you too. Together, we’ll gather, develop and write brilliant web copy, along with planning out your optimal website structure. If you are looking for a detail-oriented partnership, this is it!

The work we do is top notch. Designing and building a beautiful, professional website that suits your needs is our ultimate goal. We take the time to ensure all of the elements of your site are above and beyond your average basic website. This really is our passion and we will work with you to ensure that everything is perfect for your website launch.

Beautiful Websites Are Crafted Here

Using WordPress

At Fun4business, we design our websites with WordPress. Specializing in one website platform allows us to deliver the best service possible to our clients. WordPress has come a long way from its beginnings as a “blogging” tool. In fact, WordPress is one of the most popular website content management systems and even used by big name brands. 

Think Bigger

Are you looking to expand your business website and have it deliver things you never thought possible? Website technologies have advanced significantly and things that were once out of scope are suddenly within reach for smaller businesses.

In fact, we just set up our first online community website comparable to Facebook for our client the Natural BioEnergetics Institute. Amazingly, classes can be delivered via Zoom video conferencing and integrated into the website. 

Think Smaller

Perhaps you are running a business where your products fly off the shelves – like our client Lesley at Acostar Portuguese Water Dogs. In this case, Lesley’s biggest priority is ensuring her website is up to date. She likes the flexibility of doing her own website updates sometimes and calling on us when she’s really busy with new puppy litters and needs some help. 

Think More Professional

Maybe you need a complete overhaul of your online branding and are ready to tackle the redesign of your website. For our client the Alberta Occupational Safety Auditors Association, we designed a new logo, carefully selected branding colours and redesigned their website. Now AOSAA is well positioned to finish out 2020 on a strong note and lead their industry members boldly into 2021. 

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Tell us about your website design project and request a free quote by filling out this form. We’ll be in touch with you by phone or email to talk about your project in more detail. You can also phone us at (403) 826-1286.