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Announcement - New Website Launched

Project Overview

The Abby Award Foundation is a small organization with a beautiful mission. Working with the Abby Award Foundation on their website redesign project was such a privilege. You can read about Abby’s Story on the new website and be uplifted and inspired by the legacy she leaves as a tribute by her loving parents, Jessie and David. 

When the Abby Award Foundation came to us, their current website had all of the pieces they needed; except, they needed some back-end changes and took the opportunity to do a website redesign at the same time.

Quick Stats

Fancy Features

The Challenge

A lot of time and discussions went into how to improve the design of the website — which was centered around a young girl — while making it more professional and modern. 

The redesign gave the family a chance to reread and edit all of the website content, and to update it. 

The eStore needed expanding to accept donations and let donators choose the amount they wanted to give. 

The Result

We spent a lot of time selecting the photos to use on the website, using many of the client’s own photos. The colours of the Abby badges were paired with a more serious dark blue accent, which served to increase the professionalism of the website, while keeping the younger vibration intact. 

The project kept moving thanks to weekly meetings and both the designer and client worked hard to complete their tasks. 

The website launched mid-April of 2021 and took approximately two months to complete. Since then, the website brings in regular contributions to the cause. 

Image Gallery

Take a look at some of the screenshots from the website design:

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