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What counts as website maintenance?

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A great question we are asked is: What types of website updates and tasks count as website maintenance?

In general, services provided as part of website maintenance are where the Client provides Fun4business with specific instructions for updating their website — and website maintenance is executed on design and functionality ALREADY EXISTING and in place on the website.

Here’s a list of website tasks that count as regular website maintenance: 

What counts as website maintenance tasks?

Regular website maintenance includes…

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In addition to everything included under Regular Website Maintenance tasks above, we offer a multitude of additional and helpful website support and assistance that is all categorized as “website maintenance.” 

Sometimes it is quicker to complete your website maintenance together during a video conference and through screen sharing, instead of going back and forth with elaborate emails. Additionally, you can see your work completed in real time and know it is completed to your satisfaction.

Same as the Website Power Sessions, except shorter.

If you have a technical issue pop up, we can help you with that. Sometimes it’s a quick fix, sometimes it’s complicated, and sometimes we need to contact a plugin vendor for assistance or consult the WordPress developer community for ideas and possible solutions. 

We offer two types of technical support: 

  1. Regular technical support:Your website has a technical issue that needs fixing, but it’s not an emergency and we will schedule it into our next available website maintenance appointment slot.
  2. Emergency technical support: Your website is down or is throwing a critical error and you need immediate assistance to troubleshoot and fix the issue. We will drop everything to get your site working again at our first availability. (Emergency rates are $200/hour, with a minimum charge of 30 mins.)

Do you want to know how to do something yourself on your WordPress website? You can schedule a recorded video conference training session with us OR request a custom video walk-through tutorial so you can watch it at your convenience and remember how to do it. We are here to support you with your own website updating, but we do not provide a complete or comprehensive video library of our own how-to tutorials. There is an abundance of help resources online for you, including Elementor page builder tutorials, and more. 

The main thing to remember about website maintenance is that it is work on functionality and design that already exists on your website.

You might be debating whether you need a full-on website redesign quote, or will be able to do your desired website improvements within the scope of website maintenance. In this case, you might want to Contact Us to talk about your current website, and we’ll help you sort it out.

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