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1/2 Day Website Strategy Session

$250 for 2.5 hours

This is an energized strategy session with Allison at Fun4business to review your entire website, brainstorm ideas on what to do with it this year, and create your project plan. 

Here is the agenda for our call: 

Plan for a 15-minute break at the half-way mark.

Let's get started. Call Allison at (403) 826-1286 for a free 30-minute discovery call to see if this is a good fit for you.

Create Your Website's Marketing Strategy

First things first. What the heck is on your website right now? Let’s go through your website page by page to get re-acquainted with it. 

Get Educated On New Sales Techniques

Together, we’ll analyze your website specifically for sales funnels, discussing lead magnet ideas, and how you can lead your audience through your website to complete your business and sales goals

These website features are still fairly new’ish. If you need help figuring out which ones are a good fit for your business, talk to Allison. 

Write Quality Content

The task that takes the longest and is the most difficult to complete – writing your website content – is usually treated as an after thought. We’ll go through your website text content together and discuss improvements. 

Allison will help you get clear on your website’s content development scope. As we work, we’ll map out your content creation project plan / task list. Also, our video call is recorded so you can play it back at your convenience to get everything done. 

Plan Your Future Website Updates

When we create the plans for your website strategy, we’ll think about the sections that will need updating regularly, like your blog, for example. We’ll create a website maintenance schedule for you and talk about writing content in batches and then scheduling them to publish throughout the year. 

What can you automate? What can you delegate? 

You Are Not Alone. Schedule your website strategy session with Allison at Fun4business — your website planning expert. She’ll help you break each goal down into bite-sized tasks, set reasonable deadlines and get it done quicker. 

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