Website Design Services Overview

Fun4business Web Design Services Overview

Fun4business Calgary provides the following web design and development services, specializing in WordPress websites, to customers locally and around the world. We are organized and apply a systematic approach including established processes and procedures to make the design process easy!

Website design & redesign

Fun4business - website design services

Do you need a new website? Does your existing website need to be improved and redesigned?

Fun4business’ experienced web designers work with you from start to finish on your web design project, starting with an initial assessment of your business strategy, analyzing how your website fits in and aligning the objectives. Our specialty is creative and innovative brainstorming, asking the right questions and providing you with valuable advice and recommendations with respect to your website and online strategy. We cut through the vast array of alternatives and provide you with timely, relevant and right-size solutions.

The web designers at Fun4business Calgary will provide you with a professionally-designed website layout, which may include — depending on your needs — a customized WordPress theme, focussing on speed of delivery and quality output. We use our technical expertise and experience to guide you with solutions that are right for you and your business in your industry.

Find out more about our web design services here.

WordPress websites and consulting

Wordpress logo

Fun4business’ preferred content management solution is WordPress. WordPress is not just for blogging anymore. It is a viable and comprehensive website solution for you if any of the following items apply to you:

  • Have you heard about WordPress as a website design and management tool and want to learn more about it?
  • Would you be interested in trying out a WordPress demo site to see how easy it is to use and whether it would be a good fit?
  • Are you pressed for time and need to set up your website quickly, with lots of flexible options for future growth and expansion?
  • Are you looking for a website that is responsive – looks great on a desktop computer and automatically modifies the layout to optimally display on mobile browsers?

Check out our WordPress consulting services here.

Website maintenance

Do you need help with your website maintenance?

Are you looking for a trusted, local website maintenance partner? Whether you require on-demand website maintenance services, or are interested in finding an affordable website maintenance package for regularly scheduled website updates, check out Fun4business! Fun4business’ web designers work quickly and put in the extra effort to make your website updates painless. Really!

Our website maintenance services always include the following:

  • Reliable, timely & affordable website updates
  • Guaranteed (and free!) flat-fee quotes provided upon request
  • Guaranteed completion time
  • Emergency/rush/overtime available (just text us!)
  • 30-day work guarantee

Learn more about our website maintenance services here.

Website Design Checklist – Getting Started

website design checklist

Are you just getting started with a website?

If you are just getting started with a website, learning all of the new terms and requirements can be slightly overwhelming. Even if you already have a website, sometimes you need a refresher on how everything fits together. Technology is always changing and it’s good to stay up-to-date on developments. That’s why we’ve created an overview list explaining all of the elements you will need to have in place to get your website up and running.

Check out our helpful website design checklist here.

Landing pages

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a one-page website that has but one purpose: to get people to sign up for or click on your CALL TO ACTION (‘CTA’).

The landing-web-page logic works like this:

landing pages diagram: steps one, two and three

  1. Prospect sees your advertisement or promotion on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even on print materials like a newspaper or magazine.
  2. Prospect clicks on the ad or types in your special website address (URL).
  3. Prospect goes to your targeted page — called a LANDING PAGE — which is a standalone web page, not connected to your website, stripped down to the bare minimum content that only contains your Call to Action and nothing else.
  4. Prospect either converts or does not convert.

Research has shown when people only have one option available to them, and they authentically want your offering, they are more likely to proceed with the transaction. The key here is not including any distractions, links or other options to them. They can sign up (convert) or they can decide they didn’t really want the offer.

What’s more – offers provided in landing pages tend to be of extremely high value. For example, it can be well worth your time exchanging your email address for a one-hour webinar on a topic on which you are greatly interested or a PDF download that will provide you with a benefit.

Landing pages are frequently used on social media networking sites to build email lists, gain followers or sell products and services.

Click here for more information on Landing Page design and development.


Is your branding in place?

Is your branding in place?

Before you go ahead with your website design or redesign project, you need to take stock of your branding elements. Are they professionally designed? Do you like them? Do your customers like them? Do they accurately reflect your company, products and services? Were they designed in the 80’s and an update is long overdue?

Your branding needs to be tangibly defined, consistently applied across the board, and adhered to by everyone who works at your company. Your branding consist of the following elements:

  • logo design
  • colours
  • fonts
  • images
  • company tagline or slogan
  • and more!

It is important to not only know what these elements are, but also know where to find the files. If you change designers or need someone new to help out with the project, do you have the digital items for them to work on?

Read more about the Fun4business Branding services here.

Content development

What state is your content development in?

Organizing, writing, editing and displaying your content

Content development is often overlooked as a major part of your website design and online marketing efforts. It is not exactly the most exciting or rewarding part of the design process, and it is easy to procrastinate on these tasks to the detriment of your project launch timeline. In fact, although delayed or incomplete content is one of the top sources of frustration by web designers, it can be mismanaged, avoided or ignored. The truth is, this section of design projects needs the most attention, micromanaging and hand-holding!

The best way to handle content development is through proactive planning and brainstorming sessions, diligently outlining website architecture and assigning or delegating all tasks. “Get it done” should be the prominent goal, with costs for someone else handling the heavy lifting being minor compared to getting content completed in a timely manner.

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