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When your branding and graphic design elements work well, everything else falls into place

Professional branding for your business – created with custom graphic design services – includes things like your logo, colours and fonts, print materials such as your business cards, flyers and brochures, and even your website design. It is the visual depiction of your company and what it stands for, communicating both verbally and non-verbally to your target audience. It describes your business and tells people what you are like, what kind of personality you have, and what it will be like to do business with you, before you’ve had a chance to speak or meet face to face. It is the ultimate First Impression, so it is worth your while to get it right and ensure it fits properly and accurately.

Your professional branding image starts with a custom-designed logo, including carefully selected colours and fonts. It sets the stage and tone for all other print and online marketing materials.

Getting Started on the Graphic Design Process

Here at Fun4business, we guide you through the graphic-design process to materialize your professional print and online branding assets. A fun way to get started on your new look and feel is by working together to create a Mood Board. This medium encourages brainstorming, working through the creative design process and thinking outside of the box. Another advantage is that it provides motivation for performing research on competitors and related businesses in your industry or profession. Much like creating a traditional collage or scrapbook page, it stimulates non-verbal appreciation and intake, such as being able to soak in a variety of colours, design, organization, and display. It is also easy to show others for critical assessment and feedback.

A mood board is a digital scrapbook or collage consisting of all of your design elements allowing you to try out different styles and concepts.

We continue to refine, revise and create until we have the final approved board that will be used as the official design guidelines, specifications and inspiration for everything else created for your brand.

Professional Logo Design

The most pivotal part of your branding is your custom logo design. A logo can consist of two parts, the logo – which is a visual symbol or graphic, and the logotype – your name or company name designed in a special font. These two elements combine to create the entire logo. In many instances, a logo may not have a logo and only consist of the logotype.

Here are some of the custom logos we have designed for our clients:

Our Design Portfolio

Check out our portfolio for more samples of our custom graphic design services.

Fun Branding Exercise

Try out this quick, fun exercise!

A quick way to get started on your branding identify is with this exercise:

Carefully choose a list of 10 words or phrases that accurately describe your business personality.
Note: This exercise can also highlight improvements or growth of how your business is currently perceived versus how you would like to be perceived in the future. By consciously defining your own desired professional or business personality traits, it is easier to ensure your decisions, actions, behaviours, and responses, are in alignment with your values.

For example, here is Fun4business’ list of personality descriptors, which forms the basis of our 7 Guiding Principles:

  • Fun & creative – imagination fuels creative projects; we focus on brainstorming, being open-minded, utilizing advanced listening skills, and trying out silly ideas just in case they turn out to be brilliant
  • Friendly, personable & approachable – all our marketing efforts should be inviting and sincere, and speak directly to our target market; additionally, when a potential client, client or associate calls us, our interaction should immediately embody these characteristics
  • Available & responsive – working on creative projects together in generally close and intimate; therefore, it is of the utmost importance to establish and maintain clear, open and timely communication channels, whether by phone or email or through project management software
  • Idea generators & problem solvers – providing a range of practical solutions for our clients, balancing expectations with budgets
  • Knowledgeable, innovative & cutting edge – being at the forefront of new developments, software, networks and technology and informing our clients and target audience through a variety of channels, including mailing list distributions, blog articles and social media posts
  • Enthusiastic, high-energy & positive – harnessing momentum drives projects to completion and entails keeping our clients inspired and on target
  • Proactive – leading our clients through the creative design process to find workable solutions and meet deadlines

So go ahead and create a list for your own personal or business brand. Once you create and finalize this list, you can return to it on every business initiative to ensure the consistency of your message. You can even post it on the side of your monitor or in the lunch room to keep it fresh and at the forefront.


Once the logo design and branding stage is finalized, you will have a solid foundation for the rest of your company’s marketing materials, both online and off.

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