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What is the slowest part of the website design process, often delaying and even stalling out a project?

Content development, including copywriting, for your website can be challenging

And the answer is: Content development for a website design or a redesign is the most difficult and time-consuming part of the website design process.

Content development includes the strategic organization and planning, copywriting, editing, formatting, photo/graphic selection and creation, and more, for your website and other marketing materials and campaigns

Why is content development such a problem?

  • Clients generally aren’t natural writers and marketers — their expertise is in the running of their business. It can also prove challenging to write about yourself or your own business with a fresh set of selling eyes. It can be a lot of pressure to write your own content to your desired standard and level.
  • Web design companies focus on the design and development of the actual website and usually expect the client to supply all of the content.
  • Lack of time becomes an issue. It it difficult for clients to schedule in the amount of time required to complete the content homework tasks.
  • Web designers are usually so busy managing a variety of projects that they don’t even bother pressuring clients to hand over the content because they are onto the next website project.

Delegate your website content writing and editing for quicker completion

Here at Fun4business, we are able to take an active managing role in assisting you with your website and online content development.

Our copywriting and content development services include:

  1. Sitemap and navigation development.
  2. Content planning and preparation: Creating content outlines, focussing on flow and logical order.
  3. Writing the actual content. As long as you have the basic idea or something prepared in draft, we can take the lead in transforming this information into final written copy for your website.
  4. Photo selection and purchase: We can help you determine which stock photos are worth the investment, including providing recommendations on size and formatting. You are also welcome to supply your own photos.
  5. Creating supplemental graphics to match your branding colours and fonts. The trend right now is creating images using stock photos with inspiring quotes overlayed, or elements developed with specific colours in them.

It is important to get this part of the design process attended to in a timely manner. It can make or break a project, being a large contributor to the success of a project.

Momentum propels creative work and keeps designers excited about finishing the job!

Remember, the important thing is to get it done. Whether you need to sit down and prepare it yourself, or delegate it to a professional, act quickly and get it off your to-do list.

Questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do I enjoy this type of work? 
  • Am I a writer and a creator? 
  • Do I have the time to get it done?

If you answered no to any question above, then get these types of tasks off your plate and hand it to someone who’s passionate about writing and content creation. The type of energy that is infused into creative work ends up showing in the end result and will be more engaging to readers.

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