Landing Pages

Landing pages are high conversion, lead generation, marketing channels

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that is highly targeted on a single Call To Action (CTA).

Here is an example of a landing page wireframe format, featuring the critical elements:

landing page wireframe example

How do they work?

Landing pages are simple, straightforward, and work best for SPECIFIC and TARGETED marketing campaigns and promotions. You provide your potential customers with a special targeted link (website address) that lands them on a standalone web page, as opposed to just your home page or another page on your website. Once they get there, they only have one option: they can proceed with the transaction or not. You see, the research has shown, when a person only has one option available to them (all other distractions have been strategically removed), and this person authentically wants what you are offering (or they wouldn’t have clicked on the ad), they will be forced to either proceed with the transaction or close the web page and move on. And it is much more satisfying to proceed and get the reward than quit!

What would you typically use Landing Pages for?

Landing pages are quite frankly pure genius and can be utilized for anything and everything. Just use your imagination and get creative with it! Offering a free downloadable PDF? Use a landing page. Thinking about running a free webinar that will lead to the sale of a bigger ticket item? Use a landing page.

I have to raise my hand as a guilty party. I am notorious for exchanging my email for what I perceive as valuable information. As a insatiable learner, I am the first one to signup for free downloads and webinars. I have gained a lot of valuable insight on innumerable topics and there are very few to which I have regretted signing up.

Freebies lead to intro products, and intro products lead to premium products. Landing pages are integral conversion channels every step of the way.

They work in combination with your email list program

Connect your landing page with your email distribution program, and you have a winning long-term combination.

It works with WordPress!

Fun4business can set up your WordPress website with a customized landing-page template so you can create unlimited marketing promotions — quickly, efficiently and affordably!

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