Manual WordPress Updates

It is important to take the security of your WordPress website seriously

Fun4business’ preferred website content management system is WordPress — an open-source website content management tool developed and maintained by designers and coders around the world. WordPress websites monopolize websites worldwide: Manage WP reports in this article dated April 28, 2016, that WordPress powers ~26% of the web, and claims ownership to nearly 60% of website powered by CMS (content management systems).

Online security is a major consideration in any online endeavour. Or, if not, it should be! As such, the best way to keep your WordPress website safe from attacks and exploitation is to ensure it is backed up and updated regularly.

The Argument for Planning for Manual Updates

From our experience, approximately 90% of WordPress updates go perfectly fine and make the argument for enabling auto-updates. However, it’s that last 10% of updates that sometimes are a problem. Some of the problems we’ve run into when performing manual updates include:

  • Theme update issues. Sometimes theme updates include changes to the design, navigation or other elements of the theme and they have to be manually tested, modified and checked.
  • Plugin incompatibility. One day your plugin plays nice with others, and the next day (after an update) you catch it hitting other kids on the playground. At Fun4business, we carefully read all of the plugin update documentation, notices and recommendations before applying an update. If it doesn’t function properly or causes incompatibilities, we can quickly restore the backup of the plugin and proceed after additional assessment and consulting the client.
  • Major updates. Major updates – that come with a specific warning and disclaimer – should be applied within a proper procedure of manually backing up the entire website and database and then updated.
Additionally, it may be prudent to set up a staging area to ensure updates are tested and working correctly before applying the updates to your live website environment.

As a WordPress website owner, your choices on proceeding with updates include:

  1. Auto-applying the updates. You can set your website to automatically install your WordPress updates and send you an email when done. This is a viable option for small websites with limited customizations. You need to weigh the risk and cost between not having your website up to date and the possibility of your site becoming corrupted if an update is applied and ends up breaking your website. (Note: We do not recommend this risky option.)
  2. Signing up for one of the Fun4business manual backup and update packages listed below to ensure your website is safe, protected and secure and that all updates go smoothly.

2017 WordPress Update Packages

On-demand Update $40

One on-demand manual backup and update of your WordPress update.

Monthly Updating $405/year (12 updates with a 10% discount)

Updates completed the 1st of the month for 12 months

Bi-monthly Updating $216/year (6 updates with a 10% discount)

Updates completed the 1st of the month every two months for one year

*Additional costs will apply to situations requiring the set up of a separate staging/testing environment.

Other Security Considerations

Other key tips on securing your WordPress website:

  1. Install a reputable WordPress security plugin on your website.
  2. Limit login attempts. We suggest limiting login attempts to a maximum of 5 and preferably 3. If you would like this option, inquire within as to adding this functionality to your website.
  3. Be creative with your WordPress username, because the username “admin” is the most popular word used in fake login attempts.
  4. Choose a highly-secure password. Again, don’t make things easy for hackers to enter your website just because you are too lazy to manage a sophisticated and complex password!
  5. Customize the WordPress login page address. Right now WordPress defaults the login page address to “wp-admin” or “wp-login” leading hackers directly to the front door of the back-end of your website. With just a little effort, you can discourage ill-intentioned people from pursuing your website.

Thank you for considering Fun4business for your WordPress website needs. Contact us for more information regarding maintaining and updating your WordPress website.

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