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Comprehensive WP Updates Plans for your WordPress Website. So you can sleep well at night.

WordPress Website Update Plans

WordPress website updates security plans

You spent thousands of dollars on your business website. But do you care enough to protect your investment?

And do you trust your web designer to have properly set up your website to protect from hackers and ensure long term website resiliency and performance? 

Are you gambling with your business website?

At Fun4business, we offer a range of WP Update Plans based on a Risk Rating assigned to your website. Additionally, our setup fee is worth its weight in gold as we run your website through a 7-Point Check to ensure your website fort is secured, optimized and cleaned up first. 

Our newest client said:

"Thank you for cruising through this! I could have legitimately never done this without you hahaha!!"

One less thing to worry about.

The 3 Tiers

Website Risk Rating

All WordPress websites are not the same. There is a multitude of variables that impact your website’s risk rating, including: 

  • Amount of website traffic (visitors)
  • How often you update your website content
  • # of plugins installed and plugin stability 
  • Advanced, complex and/or dynamic features
  • And more! 

Additionally, your web hosting environment can affect your website’s risk rating. 

Take a look at our general Risk Rating Chart below. 

Low-risk websites typically have: 

  • Low website traffic
  • Few website content updates
  • Less than 10 plugins

For example, a brochure website that is only updated a couple times a year is probably classified as low risk. 

Med-risk websites typically have: 

  • A decent amount of website traffic
  • Regular website content updates (at least once a month)
  • More than 10 plugins, with some being unstable, new or “iffy” 

Problem-child websites are lots of fun! Look for the following:  

  • Heavy website traffic or multiple concurrent users
  • Users log into your website, make purchases, complete courses or participate in an online community
  • You have user-generated content
  • More than 15 plugins, with multiple plugins marked as unstable, new or “iffy”
  • High website storage load and resources
  • You can’t afford any downtime or need to send out email notices to users re: “planned maintenance”

Even with the above guidelines, you might need our help to assign your website to a risk-rating category, or your site might in on the border between 2 tiers. We can totally help to assess your website with you so you sign up for the correct WP Updates Plan below. 

7-Point Check

For new client websites, we perform a 7-Point Check. This is a comprehensive review of your website and costs $250 as a setup fee for our below-noted WP Updates Plans. If we designed your website, this setup fee is waived. 

Set up your website correctly and securely

Close your eyes

There's some tech talk in this section...


Website Review

Initial login & review of your entire website and the back-end. Checking error logs, Site Health and website notices.


Web Hosting Review

Analyzing your web host, web hosting package and server settings. Making recommendations for improvements. Includes verifying and upgrading your PHP level and adjusting server and website settings to optimal settings recommended for a WordPress website.


Plugins & Theme Inventory

Making a list of all of your plugins and theme; noting status, including activated and configured / deactivated, updated / out of date. Checking for valid licenses of all pro or premium plugins.


SSL Certificate

Ensuring your website has a valid SSL Certificate and, if not, helping your purchase and install one. 


Security Check

Running your website through the Securi Site Scan or Security Headers scan. Noting all vulnerabilities and fixing relevant flags.


Backup & Updates System

Installing and configuring the remote backups and updates system. Running your first backup and testing the updates.


Website Cleanup

Taking a look at your Media Library and database and proposing a cleanup (if necessary). 

Love Your Website

Professional WP Updates

Once your website is launched, you need to consider updating your website’s content management system. This is different from making changes and updates to your website content – what we categorize as “website maintenance”.

You can learn more about WordPress updates here in our blog article What Are WordPress Updates? 

The WordPress core, plugins and themes need continuous updating.

The programming language WordPress is built with is called PHP and upgrades are released once or twice a year. Upgrading your PHP increases your website’s performance, but sometimes isn’t backwards compatible to outdated coding. 

Your website may produce errors recorded in the error logs, which needs to be monitored. 

There’s two main reasons you need to be diligent about keeping your website up to date: 

  1. Protection from hackers
  2. Integrity of code

You spend a lot of money designing a new website. For a little bit more, you can protect your investment. 

On all of our websites, we set up scheduled auto remote website backups. If something goes wrong, you can restore a previous version of your site. 

We install a website security plugin and lock down your website. 

Do you really want to manage this task yourself? Outsource this task to us and you’ll receive monthly reports verifying that your site is up-to-date, functioning properly, and safe from hackers. 

Pricing & Plans

Ready to signup for a WP Updates Plan?

Choose the plan that suits you.



2 months free

*Please note, there is a one-time setup fee of $250 for each website

Tier 1

"AutoBot" Plan

for Low-Risk Websites


per website per month

Tier 2

"Bot Patrol" Plan

for Med-Risk Websites


per website per month

Tier 3

"BossBot" Plan

for Problem Child Websites


per website per month

Tier 1

"AutoBot" Plan

for Low-Risk Websites


per website per year

Tier 2

"Bot Patrol" Plan

for Med-Risk Websites


per website per year

Tier 3

"BossBot" Plan

for Problem Child Websites


per website per yearly

Fun4business to the rescue!

Scary Case Studies

If you aren’t looking after your website, it’s only a matter of time before something bad happens. 

Case Study #1

The Problem

A new client recently came to us because their website wasn’t working right anymore. Specifically, all of the icons on the front-end of the website weren’t displaying. For example, the little email and phone icons weren’t displaying and were instead displaying the “broken image” square. Not only that, but all of their services were assigned a particular image and none of them were showing up either. FYI, a popular example of font icons that websites typically use is Font Awesome icons

The weird thing was, though, that the icons were working correctly in the back-end of the website. It’s exactly this kind of an issue that can throw a website owner for a loop if they are managing their own website and have no idea why this happened and how to fix it. At this point, it’s time to call in the WordPress Experts. 

The Assessment

Fun4business started with a complete website audit and discovered that the main problem was that the website was so out of date that we were surprised there weren’t more issues with it. For example, if you designed your website in 2013, and didn’t bother with the updates, upgrades or optimizations, it slowly falls into disrepair, and there’s multiple elements that need to be addressed. 

Our recommendations included the following general fixes to return the WordPress website to its fully updated, upgraded and optimal state. Until these items are addressed, trying to pinpoint the source of the icons problem is futile.  

All Fixed

Well, what do you know, the problem disappeared as we completed all of the recommendations. The icons were working good as new!

This really was a case of a neglected website finally triggering a front-end error that could no longer be ignored by the client. We were very happy that we could easily fix this issue for our new client and that their older website was now in fantastic shape for future updates and growth.

Case Study #2

The Problem

A new client came to us because their website was hacked. They were no longer in touch with the web designer who designed it. They didn’t know what to do and so they had their web host help them with the website cleanup. They also installed the premium WordFence Security plugin

However, did you know that web hosts and security plugins do not typically provide WordPress updates services? This task falls on the web designer and not all web designers are equipped or incentivized to provide it. 

Problem Solved

I think once your website has been hacked and you  experienced that moment of panic of not knowing what to do and wishing this didn’t happen to you, you are happy to pay for a professional WP Updates Service. I mean, if you are a business owner and you are busy working in the skills of your trade, it’s smart to pay a professional WordPress management company to look after your website for you. 

This is exactly what we did for our new client. We got them all set up with continuous WP updates, with monthly reporting and they can feel peace of mind knowing their website is safe and secure and in good hands. 

Protect Your Business Website Investment

Choose Fun4business to keep your WordPress website protected and up to date. 

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