WordPress Websites Backup & Update Services

Protect Your Investment

Professional WP Updates

Once your website is launched, you need to consider updating your website’s content management system. This is different from making changes and updates to your website content – what we categorize as “website maintenance”.

You can learn more about WordPress updates here in our blog article What Are WordPress Updates? 

The WordPress core, plugins and themes need continuous updating.

The programming language WordPress is built with is called PHP and upgrades are released once or twice a year. Upgrading your PHP increases your website’s performance, but sometimes isn’t backwards compatible to outdated coding. 

Your website may produce errors recorded in the error logs, which needs to be monitored. 

There’s two main reasons you need to be diligent about keeping your website up to date: 

  1. Protection from hackers
  2. Integrity of code

You spend a lot of money designing a new website. For a little bit more, you can protect your investment. 

On all of our websites, we set up scheduled auto remote website backups. If something goes wrong, you can restore a previous version of your site. 

We install a website security plugin and lock down your website. 

Do you really want to manage this task yourself? Outsource this task to us and you’ll receive monthly reports verifying that your site is up-to-date, functioning properly, and safe from hackers. 

One less thing to worry about.

WordPress Backup & Updates

If your website is created in WordPress, you need to continuously update the WordPress core, theme and plugins. We also recommend installing a security plugin and programming auto backups to a remote server. Protecting your important business assess is our #1 priority! 

We have on-demand pricing or two yearly plans to choose from. 

On Demand

$ 150 One-time Update
  • Assessment of required updates
  • Complete backup of entire website and database
  • Update of WordPress core, theme and plugins
  • Review of error logs & Site Health
  • Reporting


Everything in the On-Demand update +
$ 540 Yearly
  • 6 updates per year
  • $90 per update ($60 yearly savings)
  • Continuous website update monitoring
6 Updates


Everything in the previous packages +
$ 960 Yearly
  • 12 updates per year
  • $80 per update ($240 yearly savings)
12 Updates

Protect Your Business Website Investment

Work with us to keep your website protected and up to date.