Does Your Website Suck or Rock?

When Your Business Website Sucks...

Does your website suck? If so, it’s kind of like trying to get your business boat moving with a big heavy anchor stuck in the mud. You won’t get much traction until you decide to focus your energy on it. 

Here’s 3 areas to take an honest look at to see if you need to rethink your business website. They are: 

Go through the following list and decide which one describes your website in each category. 

First Impressions

Friends and strangers alike will have an immediate first impression to your website that will decide in a matter of seconds whether they will stay or go. More importantly, you have your own subconscious opinion about your website and this affects your ability to use it as a selling tool. 

Don't go to my website because... it's broken.

When your website SUCKS

You are embarrassed to hand out your website addresswhich defeats the point of having a website. Worse, if someone asks for your URL, you tell him or her NOT to go there.

When your website ROCKS

You eagerly hand out your website address to everyone so you can show it off! Selling is easy!

Be honest, does your website Suck or Rock in the category of first impressions? Try asking someone in your target market, like a current client, what his or her actual feelings about your website are. 


How engaged are you with your own website? Did you hypothetically plan to write at least 12 blog posts this year, but just didn’t get to it? Worse, have you moved addresses and haven’t even updated your contact page or city location? 

Don't go to my website because... it's not up to date.

When your website SUCKS

You can't remember the last time you updated it.

When your website ROCKS

You update it according to a schedule. In fact, you just updated your website! (With your web designer's help of course.)

If your website Rocks because you regularly update it according to a schedule, congratulations. You rock too! If your website doesn’t remember you, then maybe you should schedule a call with me to chat about getting back on track. 

Strategic Planning

Building a website ain’t cheap. Not only does it cost a pretty penny, but it takes a lot of time and energy to create. Don’t just go through the motions, but make it worth your while. 

Don't go to my website because... it sucks.

When your website SUCKS

You haven't recouped your Return On Investment. And websites aren't cheap. You are thinking about pulling the plug from your sinking ship.

When your website ROCKS

You know the monetary value of your site and are executing your business plan to make money. Even if you don't hit your targets, you can quickly correct course to get on track. 

The quality of your website affects your ability to sell your services and products. If you genuinely like your website and it accurately reflects who you are, it will be a integral part of your business. If not, it becomes a liability. 

Allison Kessler

Are You Ready For A Redesign?

Start by scheduling your free discovery call with Allison Kessler about your current site. Allison is the founder of Fun4business and has been web designing since 2001.

"Hi, I'm Allison. I offer free 15-min calls to new clients. Let's get on the phone to see if we are a good fit to work together on your online business website goals."

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Allison Kessler
Allison Kessler has been web designing professionally since 2002. She guides you through the website design process and helps you keep your website updated and secure. She lives in Calgary Canada with her adorable toddler and is usually found outside hiking and enjoying the Rocky Mountains.

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