Spring Clean Your Website

Is your website having issues?

WordPress websites are always in flux with regular WordPress updates, plugin changes, and continuous content development. After a while, your website is left in disarray, with half-finished tasks and orphaned elements. Everything adds up and can eventually lead to performance issues, errors and conflicts. 

These types of things are usually invisible on the front end of your website… that is until they are noticeable. For example, you go to update a plugin and all of a sudden it malfunctions and takes down your website. It might not actually be the plugin’s fault, but happened because you aren’t regularly cleaning up your site. 

Other times, you try out a few different plugins, finally settle on one and delete all the rest. Unfortunately, not all plugins delete all traces of themselves when you remove them from your website. This is a safety feature in place to handle temporary deactivations, but it causes problems when you are permanently removing the plugin. 

How old is your website?

The older your WordPress website is, the more updates and upgrades it’s gone through. Each update and upgrade can leave stranded items that clutter up your database. 

Worse are the websites that aren’t regularly updated and you login and all of the plugins are completely out of date causing security vulnerabilities and coding errors. When you go in there to finally update your website, you likely need to clean up the database when you’re done to optimize performance. 

Do not fear, the solution is here!

We were actually searching an online help forum for a particular plugin issue and came across Advanced Database Cleaner Pro by SigmaPlugin. It was highly recommended as a solution to remove old tables left over from a deleted plugin that were causing issues on the website. With a click of a button, all of those outstanding tables were removed. 

In this particular instance, we were attempting a major plugin upgrade by the vendor. It was erroring out because we had purchased the original plugin years ago and the upgrade just couldn’t patch together the original build with the new system. 

We needed something to remove the plugin in its entirety so we could install a brand new fresh version of the revamped plugin. 

And Advanced Database Cleaner Pro worked like a charm. Sometimes you need to weigh the cost of a quick fix plugin versus the time it would take for you to do the job manually. In this case, the plugin cost is worth every penny. 

Advanced Database Cleaner Pro

Spring clean your website with the click of a button.

Are you one of Fun4business's clients?

This plugin’s so good, we invested in unlimited licenses. If you are one of our client’s, contact us to get us to Spring Clean Your Website for you as part of your regular website maintenance. 

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Allison Kessler
Allison Kessler has been web designing professionally since 2002. She guides you through the website design process and helps you keep your website updated and secure. She lives in Calgary Canada with her adorable toddler and is usually found outside hiking and enjoying the Rocky Mountains.

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