The Local Business Model

In late 2023, Fun4business expanded its focus from primarily offering website design and website maintenance services, to online marketing for local businesses.

This is a huge change in perspective. Instead of looking at the world from inside your website, you start out in the world and point people to your website. Brilliant! 

The first step in any funnel or marketing initiative starts somewhere external. With local businesses, specifically, this usually start through an Internet search or online maps.  

“A local business is defined as a locally-owned or operated business selling goods or services to the local community or population. This could be a small business or a larger company with multiple locations.”

An online presence – including, but not limited to, a business website – is essential to success and growth. Nowadays, potential customers start with an online search and then, 1. Choose the specific business they were looking for, or 2. Select a new business based solely on the quality and ease of its online presence, as well as any reviews. 

The final clinching steps to a sale include a satisfying phone call to that business, and/or accurate directions leading you to the storefront. Upon completion, a successful business interaction leads to leaving a positive business review, influencing more future customers. 

I’ll give you an example. 

I needed new winter tires. I did a quick internet search and found a cool local Calgary company called Tire Pirates close to my house. I used their online catalogue select tires for my car in my price range. I called and booked my appointment, and stuck with it even with a 3-week waiting period. I showed up at the correct time and received excellent service and great tires, installed on schedule. I was so pleased, I left a raving review on its Google Business Listing. (Not a fake review, but a genuine review that means I’ll likely go back for my next set of tires.) 

And that is exactly what is expected in a local business transaction. 

Where does the website come in?

If Tire Pirates had a website that sucked, I would have bounced to a better website faster than you can say “flat tire.” The fact that they had a tire catalogue was a complete bonus. That hooked me, anticipated my needs, and kept me from going to another site. The phone call with an intelligent salesman closed the deal. The waiting period sucked, but I was too lazy to start the process all over again. I’m not the only Calgarian to delay installing winter tires. 

Local Marketing Is Different. 

As you can see, the website is still critical in your online marketing strategy, but it is not necessarily the starting step in your customer journey. In local marketing, you need to start with your external channels, networks, directories and listings and work your way back to your website. 

Yes, your website is still important, but it is not an island. Get your free Google Business Listings session with Allison right here

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Allison Kessler
Allison Kessler is a Canadian entrepreneur and has been web designing professionally in Canada for 20+ years. She helps you with your business website and online marketing for local business, including blogging for business, Google Business Profile, Reviews, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Allison's platform of choice is the WordPress content management system. She lives in Calgary Canada with her 6-year-old son Damian and is usually found outside hiking and enjoying the Rocky Mountains.

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