Updates to Google Workspace Email (Fall 2021)

Gmail for Business

"Oh no. Not another techy email! Bah! I don't have time for this!"

The world is moving so fast right now and it’s hard to keep up. If you use Gmail for Business, you’ll have noticed a lot of changes recently. Emails coming in saying something important. You just want someone to translate it and do it for you… 

We’re here to help you! This is what you need to know. 

Quick Instructions:

  1. Accept New Terms: Login to your Google Workspace account at https://accounts.google.com. This is your master account for your whole organization, not just your email account. Right when you login, you should be hit with updated Terms that you need to accept before proceeding. 
  2. (optional) While you are logged in to your master Google Admin account, go to Billing and Get More Services. You will see the word “Switch” and you can choose the sister plan for the G Suite plan you are already signed up for. For example, I’m currently on the lowest plan called G Suite Basic for $7.80/mthand I need to choose the matching rebranded plan called Business Starter for the same cost of $7.80/mth. 

Note: If you don’t formally do step 2 right now, Google will transition you over automatically to the matching plan in January 2022. 

That's a wrap!

It can be a pain dealing with continuous emails from our tech providers. But in reality, Google is just completing the long process of rebranding its services. It can sound complicated — especially if everything to do with tech scares you! — but it’s fairly straightforward to do. 

Curious about using Google Workspace?

We like that it comes with a whole suite of tools (Google Drive, Google Meet, etc.). Also, you can pay as you go and upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time. Click through below on our referral link to see the different plans. For an additional 10% off for your first year, contact us for your Promotion Code.

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