Website Ideas: Take Your Own Photos!

Everyone is a photographer!

What’s that in your pocket? Is it your cell phone? Nowadays, you are a walking photographer. So be sure to take out your cell phone daily and capture quick shots, selfies and photos that track progress. 

For example, if you work on projects that take a long time to complete – like on a construction site – snap a photo every day to see the progress. You’ll be able to throw together a kick-ass portfolio or case study page later and be glad you made the effort! 

I’ve even seen a trend with car dealerships getting on the photo bandwagon by sharing daily pics of staff on their Instagram feeds. This makes the company seem friendly and approachable. 

It’s also a great opportunity to share milestones and accomplishments, big dates or celebrations. The more candid, the more real, the better. 

Calgary is a beautiful city!

Especially in Calgary, there’s no lack of gorgeous shots. I often just take photos and then stash them away for later in a folder called “Calgary photos”. 

Like this one I took on my first trip on the South West line of the Ctrain: 

Calgary CTrain photo - 69th Street line

And this one to took while I was power walking down the river path: 

Calgary River Photo by Allison Kessler

You’ll never know what you’ll find when you venture down a path you’ve never taken before… 

Website Ideas - Take your own photos!

Oh – wait a second – how did this adorable toddler butt get in here! (Yes, he’s actually mine!) 

Photo at the Calgary Zoo by Allison Kessler

And my point is...

There’s photo opportunities everywhere. And all of us own expensive cameras that we carry around everywhere. 

Not that professional photo shoots don’t have their time and place. 

But there’s really no excuse not to take and post lots of photos and use them on your website whenever possible. 

Happy shooting everyone!

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Allison Kessler
Allison Kessler has been web designing professionally since 2002. She guides you through the website design process and helps you keep your website updated and secure. She lives in Calgary Canada with her adorable toddler and is usually found outside hiking and enjoying the Rocky Mountains.

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